my big gay weekend

This weekend my family and I headed down to the Seattle Center to meet up with a friend and her family. Our plan was to go to the International Fountain and let the kids splash around in the water. I had told her that usually on a Saturday that it’s pretty busy, but she should be able to find me. However, I did not know that this was also the weekend of the Seattle Pride Festival, meaning that a place that would have been scattered with strollers was crammed with the biggest gay party explosion. I’m a gawker by nature, a looky loo, a OMG SHE IS WEARING ELECTRICAL TAPE FOR A BRA, so I had a lot to gape at, which was much better than my normal, “That woman paid 900 bucks for a diaper bag!”


We did capture the requisite Boy and Drag Queen shot. (I have the big copyright over it to keep asshats from lifting it and submitting it to the battery of mean, unfunny whytheeff and stfu sites.)

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked because Nathan can no longer be corralled in a stroller. He wants to run, sprint, frolic, and do whatever it takes to cause gray hairs to sprout on my head (none yet, thankfully, but once they come I’LL KNOW WHO CAUSED THEM). It was hard to do anything other than keep a hawkeye watch over Nathan because the kid is fast and I did not want to have to swipe the microphone from the drag queen singing Journey so I could announce to the scantily-clad dancing crowd, “We’re looking for a little boy dressed in a striped shirt and shorts. He may be picking his nose. Knuckle-deep! He answers to the name of ‘Nathan.’ He also answers to the question, ‘WHO WANTS CHICKEN NUGGETS?!'”

How was your weekend?

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  1. SO CUTE.

    When are WE going back to the fountain? Although I’m going to be disappointed by the lack of drag queens.

  2. I love that he responds to the who wants chicken nuggets question. HA.

  3. I was there that day! I had family visiting from Saipan. We stayed close to the rides so the kids could try something other than the two rides they have that the carnival back home every year. I had to cut out early and go to work though.

    We really need to get the boys together!

  4. WOW- could he (and I mean Nathan!) be any cuter??? So adorable!

  5. Now who’s weekend wouldn’t be brightened up by posing for a picture with a pink drag queen?! I’m jealous.

  6. Clearly Bossy’s weekend wasn’t as fun as yours.

  7. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t love a super-pink drag queen.

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