Sizzle’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming Party

Last night I attended Sizzle’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming Party, and girlfriend, it was awesometacular. I have been reading Sizzle for years and I was squeeing all week for the opportunity to finally meet one of my blog heroines.

DSI self-portrait

DSI self-portrait

The very kind folks from Nintendo set up stations for all guests to play different games and test features of the recently released Nintendo DSI.

I also finally met Kerri Anne, whom I wanted to hug so hard, we would develop some kind of congenital condition and she would have to be my best friend, then, right? That’s how I make friends, through freak disorders. I also make friends through childbirth. Nathan is my friend FOR LIFE.

travelin' stache!

This is her famous Traveling Mustache. It’s perfect for me because I have a mustache anyway so it’s like a mustache I can put over my mustache! Let’s hear it for people who have the opposite of alopecia!

I tested out Brain Age which calculated my mental age based on three games. I thought I was doing pretty well until the last game, which gave me a grid of numbers and TWO MINUTES to memorize all of them. I don’t even play sudoku or really do I couldn’t figure out a pattern or any logical way to remember all the numbers, so once the time for memorizing ran out, I spent two minutes drawing wangs on the side screen. YEP. WANGS. And you know what wang drawing gets you?

my old brain

my old brain

That’s sad because I had just had a glass of champagne and alcohol tends to transform me into someone who is smarter (“I was on my high school mock trial team! We almost won!”), funnier (“Who wants to see my lampshade on the head dance!”) and richer (“Drinks are on me, layyy-deeez!”). But on the upside, this number is one of my favorite George Carlin jokes: “The 68: you do me and I owe you one.” SO SUCK IT, MATH.

I was also super excited to meet Chris and Kim, the very sexy women from 3 Giraffes. I am addicted to these ladies, who kept me laughing and didn’t mind that I had a huge camera in their faces for a large part of the evening.



I had such a great night hanging out with such lovely women and each one of us was gifted a new DSI and a copy of Brain Age which I think when I received I went, “AHHHHHH!” I went all Oprah audience member on my White Oprah, Sizzle.


More photos of debauchery here.

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  1. I am *so* using the story of how you called me the “white oprah” because I am STILL laughing about it.

    It was spectacular to meet you and I am thrilled you had such a great time!

  2. It was so fun meeting you on Friday. We’ll have to have another meet-up one of these days were we aren’t so involved in our video games and have more time to chat.

    I love the “white oprah” comment. She totally is, when is the next “party” Sizz?

  3. Didn’t mind or HAD NO CHOICE??? It was so fantastic to finally meet you on Friday! Let’s plan a get together soon…..

  4. Oooh new DSi??! I am soo jealous!


  1. […] single guest got to take home a DSi of their very own. Incredible, right? I think that’s why Mona referred to me as her “White Oprah” which is a term I can now add to my […]

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