Four Things Friday

1. If you were in Seattle this week and are alive today and reading this: Hooray for you! We survived! If you weren’t and were wondering if it was as hot as everyone was facebooking, twittering, blogging, IT WAS. I had to do three or four circle applications of deodorant and then I stick on some circle patches of Reynolds Wrap because I need all the aluminum help I can get. My friend Jen is saying that I should make my own deodorant because of these crazy things like cancer, but what am I supposed to do when I sweat? And I do sweat, not perspire, not glisten. When it gets over 85 degrees, I look like I just came out of a spicy shrimp buffet.

2. Zombies! I picked up this book: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I LOVE IT. It’s strange and hilarious because zombies, or “unmentionables” as they’re called, nicely frame the class struggles and societal hierarchies and plus? THERE’S ZOMBIES! They’re not the running triathlon zombies of 28 Days Later, but rather, the more accurate shambling kind who only have the strength to pull themselves out of their graves and pick the brains out of unfortunate carriage drivers and manor staff. Please put down whatever ya-ya-sisterhood/bff/returntothewomb book and read this instead.

3. I went to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend. It is worth the money. One thing I did not mention in my review is what I went through to prepare for the water park, mainly my purchase of a black swimsuit from Costco. I forgot that Costco is not this secret shop for townies and locals because there were literally eight other women who probably had the same thought about the swimsuit (It’s black! It’s slimming!) and purchased it. Other than wearing carbon copy swimsuits, I wasn’t that self-conscious about my body, especially since there were some thick-curved sisters (yay) with only one or two women who could use their chests as flotation devices. But whatevs, I was the hottest birthmarked body there. At least that is what I am telling myself. In the mirror. While crying.

4. This photo illustrates what my life is like.

One of us wears the pants in this family; another wears the hats

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  1. You had me at “spicy shrimp buffet.”

  2. When I looked outside this morning and saw grey skies, I wept. Like a little girl who’s big sister just told her there actually is NO Santa. Which doesn’t even make sense, because I was happy this morning, and the Santa realization was a sad sad day… I still obviously haven’t recovered from the heat wave.

    We’ve missed you grey skies.

  3. It is my belief that zombies make everything better. At least the slow moving, lurching kind. The kind that are easy to run away from. Which is really the only kind of zombie there should be.

  4. I say let yourself sweat girl. Let’s start the revolution.

  5. Kingston has not been as hot as Seattle but holy hell! The last time I was this uncomfortable during the summer…I was eight months pregnant and in Southern California!!
    And your praise of the zombie book has cinched it…I must get this book. I have heard many positive things but still wasn’t sure. Now I know I must have it. I gots a birthday coming up…gonna go put it on my amazon list right now!

  6. I’m reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! I ordered it from Amazon a while back b/c I’ve always thought that Jane Austen novels needed a bit of flesh eating zombie goodness. I’m a getting the strangest looks from people when I read this book in public…which I LOVE hehe.

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