number two

What you are seeing above is the third pregnancy test, and the third confirmation of what I already knew: I’m pregnant. It’s early, a few weeks at the most. A more cautious, perhaps smarter woman would have waited, but I am not that woman. The moment that pregnant flashed on the small gray screen, there were phone calls to make, emails to send, people to invite on board this awesome train to babytown.

We’ve been trying, which really means telling Nathan to stay downstairs because mommy and daddy have something very important to talk about. For fifteen to twenty minutes. Thank you Curious George for being 22 minutes long!

From what I’ve read, the baby is the size of a sesame seed. Barely large enough to rest in the crevice of my hand, nestled in my palm’s heart line.

It’s strange and wonderful at the same time. I’m a very different person than when I was pregnant with Nathan. Then, I was still in college, and only working part-time. Now I’m working full-time and I’ve forgotten everything I learned in English class, and pretty much the rules of the English language. When I have to spell out a word in front of Nathan, I’m lucky if I don’t spell out “F-O-N-E” instead of how it’s actually spelled, which I have forgotten but will look up one of deez dayz, yo.

Since it’s early, I haven’t experienced the awful debilitating nausea I had the first time around and knock on wood, I don’t experience it again. I am knocking on wood so hard, I will knock up some wood, get a sequoia pregnant if I have to. I have some proven success in this area.

Though there isn’t any morning sickness, my body has quickly succumbed to some of pregnancy traits like the size of my stomach rapidly and suddenly expanding. It’s like my stomach is one of those canisters of biscuit dough and it’s burst through the cardboard container, taking its round, rotund shape, stretching out my “Call Me I’m Single” shirt.

Nathan was laughing at a silly sound I was making, not at the announcement that he’ll have a little brother or sister. He doesn’t really understand it yet, and why should he? He’s been a singleton all his life and cares only about going to the park and swimming and swinging and commandeering my iPhone. I’m sure it’ll be very evident as I get bigger, and much more obvious when he is wondering why we brought home a screeching little human.

Along with teaching him that he’ll be a big brother and NOT TO USE MY STOMACH AS A LAUNCHING PAD, there are so many other things I have to do like replenish a maternity and newborn wardrobe I gave away when I was set on ONE child (Read: HA! Also: HA HA!). But we’re levitating at this monumental news, celebrating the sesame seed baby in my tummy, already loved and cherished and ready to welcome into our lives.

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  1. chasinash says:


    I want to be on this pregnant ride (with 3 year old) sooo bad. I hope next month I get a similar pee stick. Then we can be sychronized barf-ers together! New Olympic event!

  2. I’m so excited for you! Maybe it was Great Wolf Lodge – lol!!! šŸ™‚

  3. I’m late in congratulating, but: CONGRATULATIONS! babe. So unbelievably psyched for you.

  4. Congratulations, Mona! I’m so sorry I’m late! I haven’t been online in–what feels like–MONTHS! It would’ve been so much fun to be preggo at the same time so I could compare notes with you. I’m about 3 weeks ’til my due date. I’m H U G E. Seriously. I wish I could show you a picture, but I care about you too much to burn your eyes. Anyway, who knows when I’ll be online again. I don’t like coming on the computer much. In the beginning it made me so nauseous! Then, I just lost interest.

    Congratulations, again! <3

  5. Congrats Mona šŸ™‚ Baby buddy.

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