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This weekend was glorious. Whenever I have a vacation, a day off, or a rare hour when I’m at a grocery store in the middle of the day and not at the 6PM rush, I like to pretend that my life is like that all the time. I’m like Destiny’s Child and I don’t have to work to pay my automobills, telephone bills and baby, I can just chill. Luckily, very real things happened like my husband buying me an early Christmas gift that I’ve been pining for: a Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS Digital ELPH.

I’ve been needing a new point and shoot for a while now. The only one I’ve ever had was a Minolta Mike gifted me about six years ago which now has a battery compartment that needs to be taped shut. I have my large DSLR, but the Canon 30D and 24-105 L-lens combined weighs as much as my toddler. Plus, I need to have something small for the delivery room. Mike thinks he can use my large Canon and just “press the button” but do you know, dear internet friends, how many times I’ve had to TELL HIM WHERE THE BUTTON IS?! Do you know how many times I’ve had to place his finger on the actual button, smile and grit through my teeth, “YOU HAVE TO HOLD THE BUTTON DOWN!!! DOWN!” Then he just gives up or the picture turns out blurry or worse, it’s not even of me, it’s of the man over my shoulder, who now has a lovely photo of himself on a stranger’s camera.

This is why all the photos of our family have been taken by me. You can trust me behind the camera. I love my husband and am truly grateful for this great gift, but the first photo of our second child is important to me, it’s something I’ve included in my nesting worries. Like what if it’s not of the baby!?! It’s of the nurse’s shoulder! And what if people get the first photo and go, “Wow, she gave birth to 8 pounds of Gaussian Blur!” If I’ve just pushed out a baby, I don’t want to give photography lessons. Can I get a witness?! All my (dilated) ladies?!

But this camera? It’s perfect. It’s light, it’s Canon, it’s tiny. And now Mike can see what’s going on in the live view screen, no guessing where to point the lens. Plus, Nathan loves the photos we take at bedtime. And you know what they say about love: love means never having to say you’re sorry. For a choke-a-hold.



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  1. WITNESS. I am my family’s photographer for the same damn reason. I have managed to teach my husband “auto everything, click the button” and he does alright.

  2. I am fortunate that at least my husband knows how to operate both of our cameras…it’s his eye for composition that bugs me.
    I have the older SD1000 Canon Powershot and I luuuurv it! I didn’t think I would need anything other than my big DSLR but I love having a pns!

  3. You two are so cute šŸ™‚

  4. A new camera- how exciting!

  5. Amen from this soon to be dilated corner on giving photography directions while trying to smile (which is why the few shots I make it into have me with an open mouth and hand in the air pointing out where to push) and on “How hard is it to wait for the flash” and framing, people, framing. How is it possible for people to take a picture w/3 feet of blank space above my head or to one side of the picture and be all “What?” when you point out that it’s not a good picture? So happy your Christmas dream gift came true early. I look forward to more cool shots and kudos to the hubby.

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