christmas explosion!

the face

the face

Nathan has probably had one of the best holidays in his whole life. Granted, he’s only three and one of his favorite hobbies is climbing on my shoulders because he “wants to be a giant.” This year he received two Thomas the Train sets, both of which blew his mind right away even though they are two different sets and therefore don’t connect. (Well played Freaky Face Train Company, I SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU!)

We set them up on the floor because we don’t have a train table. I know, terrible first-world problems like getting latte foam on your fancy yoga pants or being like me, a mother who has yet to gift her son with a train table the size of a small Asian-made car. (I do drive an Asian-car that’s the size of a train table, and it’s going to Nathan when he can reach the pedals.)

For an afternoon, Nathan sat and created his train world. He kept repeating, “Chugga-chugga! Choo-choo!” like a litany and I watched my hulking child absorb himself in that crazy world on the island of Sodor.

winter is cold for those with no warm memories

winter is cold for those with no warm memories



I don’t stop at stop signs either, Nathan. But that’s because Mommy’s got priors.

trains, mom!

trains, mom!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

How was your weekend?

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  1. My (considerably bigger) son: “Christmas didn’t suck.” THAT was the most melodic thing my ears have heard in, well, forever. Right next to the fact he absolved me days earlier from some frantic shopping by decreeing, “Mom, don’t you dare make any major electronics purchases for me without me being present.”

  2. Ok, so train table… don’t bother. You can be WAY more creative without one. We have SO many Thomas trains and tracks that we can create the biggest, coolest train train tracks that cover almost our entire basement. (thank you super spoiled 10 year old nephew that wants nothing to do with Thomas anymore!!) It certainly benefits to have the youngest kid in the family. Dave is the best at building the tracks. You ought to bring Nathan by to play one day.

  3. Santa brought some trains around here too! Mama and pops have been enjoying them a LITTLE too much though after the kiddies are in bed. No one to mess up our masterpieces!

  4. My kids are still too little to appreciate Christmas, but I had fun! Looks like Nathan had a great Christmas!

  5. Kathryn got a kitchen. She spent the rest of the morning taking our order with a little spiral notebook and a crayon — “Do you want a grilled cheese with not tomato? And no rice?” and washing her newly-received clothes in the washer. I wish it was functional – who knew i had my own mini-Bridget.

    Girlfriend, we must make plans to do something together. We are gone until the 3rd. after that i’m wide open. At least coffee, no? And they let you take lunch breaks at this job of yours? Let me know.

  6. You create beautiful images. Yes, handsome subject, but you’ve got some mad camera skillz!

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