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Mona, on the main stage

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Since my comedy explosion last week, I have been riding high on what was an extremely fun night. A lot of people have asked if I’m going to do it again and I will. Most def. I need to train for comedy the way people train for marathons, only, I don’t know what people do to train for a marathon as I have never been in anything more grueling than the treacherous walk from the couch to the fridge. Treacherous! It’s like my living room has an incline!

There are things I need to do in the meantime, like tighten up the jokes I have and hit up open mics. It’s going to be a bit difficult finding a babysitter on those nights, especially since most comedy clubs look down on bringing a kid to the show and none of them serve chicken tenders and fries. Or booze in sippy cups. Sippy cups are much better for whiskey than those red plastic cups. Officers just look at you funny when you’re suckling from a Diego plastic tumbler, but they just move along.


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