Mona’s Comedy Explosion

The first time I ever performed comedy was during show and tell in the second grade. I was a huge fan of Sinbad and I just repeated one of his jokes about how women at the beach wear string bikinis so small, it’s like they just unrolled some dental floss and put it on. I still don’t know why I chose something that not anyone of my peers at Morningside Elementary could relate to because it would cut into Muppet Babies watching time. Still, I got some laughs.

Next week I’m going to be performing comedy for real with my own jokes. I’m taking a stand-up comedy class that Mike took many years ago and our last class is a final: performing five minutes on stage. I’ve performed once before, with jokes that weren’t very funny. Oh but this time I’m going to be hilarious. And you’re invited to watch!

I’m in the first half of the night, performing during the 7-8:30 PM show at the Comedy Underground in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. You can buy your tickets at the door or online. They’re going fast!

And here are some comics I find very funny:

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  1. good luck Mona, I wish I could be there!!

  2. I am so proud of you! I am going to try to make it.

  3. How exciting – good luck! Will there be video (I hope)?

    Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians. Same with Brian Regan and Nick Swardson.

  4. I saw Jim Gaffigan a couple years ago at Giggles in the U District and it was one of the best performances.

    If I still lived in Seattle and not Olympia Hell I would so be there. Good luck! Have your hubby film it. You know we’re going to want in on the action.

  5. break a leg, mona! you always crack me up. i know you’ll be great.

    william and i just watched jim gaffigan’s beyond the pale last weekend. my stomach and face muscles hurt so much from laughing so hard for that long. i love that he’s hilarious without being offensive to women–i’m not an uptight person but I find most comedians really offend me with their comments about women.

  6. The first time I saw Anjelah Johnson I was laughing for DAYS!

    I so wish I could be there. I hope someone will catch your set on video.

    Break a leg!

  7. I hope I can make it and you know, you can always practice your jokes on me this weekend! :0)

  8. Ohhhhhhhhh i totally want to be there. Maybe i can get SIL to watch the kid and ben and i will go. i hope mike takes video. he’s going to take video, right???

  9. P.S. When you are rich and famous, I hope you will remember us little people.

  10. Good luck, Mona! I agree — we need video of this!

  11. I wish I could go!!! Break a leg!
    I also love Jim Gaffigan. I enjoyed him on the TBS show My Boys and his new ebay commercials…have you seen those?! I listen to Beyond The Pale and King Baby over and over…

  12. Break a femur!

  13. Best of luck! If you’re even half as funny as you are on this blog, you will have them rolling!



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