stroll it like you stole it

This weekend I had the great fortune of purchasing a fancypants Bugaboo Frog Stroller for $75, thanks to my Craigslist ninja skills. After I had picked it up, I thought Nathan and I could try it out at Alki Beach. I parked the car, walked around to the trunk and tried to assemble the pieces, remembering what the seller had just demonstrated just minutes before. The stroller is actually very easy to use, but not intuitive like the fold-up Graco stroller we had the first time. So there I was, trying to kick out the aluminum frame, my short-term memory totally failing me. Cars passed by, probably wondering why that large woman is talking to herself while her son yells through the windshield, “I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH MOM!”

I realized after a few minutes that I was probably better off waiting until I got home and read the freaking instructions, lest I look like I stole the Bugaboo from a more affluent porch. Which I totally would if I could jump a fence, but at this stage of my pregnancy, my vertical leap is about four to six inches. (That’s not going to stop me waiting for my NFL Draft call! It could happen!) So instead I left the stroller in the trunk and I let Nathan roam off-leash on the beach. It didn’t cost me anything.

a toss up

a toss up

With this baby, I’ve been extremely frugal. I normally wouldn’t think of purchasing something like a $500 stroller ever, but the sale was too good to pass up. I am at heart a cheapskate, a Target clearance sale scavenger, a thrift store shopper. I splurged for a Becco carrier, similar to the Ergo, ($75 at a friend’s garage sale) and now this stroller. Luckily, craigslist and freecycle have managed to aid me in my quest to be the cheapest mom ever, mother to this hulking child who is obviously too big for a stroller, no matter what the cost.

whos too big for a stroller

who's too big for a stroller

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  1. I learn so much from you.

  2. Dude you rock. If you find another one, you let me know. šŸ˜€

  3. I do that exact pose everytime I go to Alki!

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