shot at love

a shot at love

a shot at love

In 2010, I resolve to be more creative, whether it’s behind the lens or behind the mic. I want to ramp up my photography business and spend more time with babies, brides, grooms, gals, and families. I want to take photos for my own enjoyment and capture what’s left of this pregnancy. I want to write jokes that will slay a room full of strangers. I want to write jokes that will make just my husband and son laugh. I want to spend the next year experimenting, sharing, and learning.

Here’s day one to keep me on track.

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  1. Love the shot and the title of the photo! How did you black out the background? I am still such a novice at Photoshop and don’t know how to do so many of the basics.

    Our QFC giveaway post is FINALLY up. šŸ™‚

  2. What a beautiful way to start out the New Year…and I am excited to see how your goals all get accomplished.

  3. I hope that 2010 brings the fulfillment of all of your hopes and dreams!

  4. Beautiful! I love the shot, I love the title, and I think your iconography of your business name in the lower right hand corner is gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous shot! And great resolution!

  6. Good luck my friend. And from across the sea, I will be there experimenting, learning, and sharing with you.

  7. A Shot At Love…I love it! It’s like a pun in beautiful photo form. I love how someone so creative already is resolving to be even more so. It is an inspiration. Good luck Mona!

  8. i SO impressed about your standup comedy! such balls, woman!

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