a spring baby

from pinker days

from pinker days

Most people tell me that spring is the perfect time to give birth. Summer is too hot to carry all that weight. Winter is fine, and is the season I’d prefer because with a newborn I’m already stuck in the house anyway, nursing and watching Golden Girls reruns. There are too many Catholic holidays in the spring and with my mom arriving in a month and a half (A MONTH EARLIER THAN MY DUE DATE) I’m probably going to guilted into taking her to Dress Barn on a Thursday because she’s afraid that it’ll be closed on Good Friday. I have told her that I live in Washington and not Vatican City, but still.

I’ve also reached this point in my pregnancy when I am filled with preparation anxiety. Thanks to very generous friends and luck-of-the-draw freecycle ads, I’m set on clothes, bottles and some other gear. I have forgotten how much room baby gear consumes and with our tiny house I have had to turn away anything that didn’t have an immediate purpose, no matter how cute it is.

It’s hard for me to sleep now. Pregnancy insomnia couldn’t have come at a worse time because the upgraded cable package promotion is expiring soon (all premium channels plus the NFL Ticket) which means I’ll never know if those Alien Wang Warriors ever made it to their home planet safely! I mean, they were on their third mission! Cliffhanger! Now I’ll have to play Super Mario Bros until I get out of this stupid winter world level. I hate it in the face.

How have you been lately?

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  1. I’m going to re-up my offer of a lunch date. In case you didn’t hear me last time.

    Do you have a Snoogle? I couldn’t have survived the pregnancy without that stupidly overpriced but oh-so-comfortable pillow.

    We are good here. Should hear about the offer on a new house(!) today, we hope.

  2. Cold, is how I am. VERY COLD.

    I had 2 spring babies and it was nice to be able to take them outside without snowsuits and blankets and all that crap.

  3. I had Winter, Summer, Summer babies. And I agree with the previous poster: Warm weather babies means no carrying extra blankets, etc. It gets tedious.

  4. Mona Mona Monaaaaa! I’ve been hearing the CNN India promo in my head all week. I know you haven’t heard it yet, what with your US CNN and all, but I hear it. and in place of whatever is really being sung, I just hear, “Mona Mona Monaaaa….”

    Katelyn was born in May and Jacob in April. But it doesn’t really matter since I’m on Saipan. It is hot all year round. And with air con only in the bedrooms, I was melting! So sorry, this comment provided you with basically nothing.

    Hope you’re having a good day my friend!

  5. I am cold, also. Very, very cold. And I agree that a spring baby means less blankets to lug around. But a baby is awesome no matter when it is born.

  6. I absolutely love your photos of cherry blossoms….or…uh lilacs….okay, those pretty purple flower things. And I think a spring baby is just right…..meaning by summer he’ll be a few months old and a little less floppy and a little more fun to bring outside and enjoy all of seattle’s summer beauty!!

  7. I’ve been pretty much in a cryogenically frozen state here in MN, but otherwise, I’ve been really good. For once in a lonnnng time. Thanks for asking! šŸ™‚

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