late night with Mona and Nathan

Since Leno is on the chopping block, Nathan and I take a stab at what our prime-time show would be like. Not only would it feature a lot of Nathan pulling me away from the keyboard, yelling, “It’s my turn! MY TURN!” And it would also include our feeble attempts to get this child to bed at a decent hour despite his bellowing from the top of the steps, “Daddy! Mommy! I come downstairs! I come downstairs!”

We made this movie after midnight last week (MIDNIGHT! MIDNIGHT!) when Nathan wanted to belt out his rendition of the alphabet instead of talking about the situation in Yemen.

And this is what happened the next night when I fell asleep on the couch, leaving Photobooth open on the computer.

self portrait



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  1. (The video won’t load for me. Bullocks!)

    Nathan is hilarious. I think he gets that from his mom.

  2. Oh the cute!! He is stellar at the abc’s! Oh…and photobooth…he’s very good at that as well. Perhaps he can teach me?

  3. OH man do I love that kid! Awesomeness!

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