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I’m taking a quick break from baby lockdown to tell you about the contest I’m hosting this week over at BlogHer. Just click here to answer a question that I think about most days: What would you do if you won the lottery? Usually on my commute when the bus passes the billboard with the Powerball and MegaMillions numbers boldly framed on it, I take those few minutes before entering downtown Seattle and think, what if. I would have a loose accounting of the numbers, knowing when the numbers had changed, when someone had won and wondering what their lives were like in the fresh shock of a windfall. And if I were in that position, what would I do?

I have a general plan. First lock the ticket in a bank vault. Hire a lawyer. Change my name. Pay off bills. Take a vacation. Set up a scholarship. Buy a Pacific Island. Put butter on a croissant because that’s crazy! Those things are made with butter! Buy Nathan every Thomas the Train accessory in existence so I don’t have to hear at Target, “MOM! LOOK! LOOK! THOMASSSS!” Then every morning wake up like P. Diddy, if P. Diddy had to breastfeed 24/10 (24 hours a day, 10 years of my life).

What about you? Check out the site for rules and info.

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  1. I always butter my croissants. No matter what. This is why I’m fat. Dot com.

  2. Becky V. says:

    Can I just say that I wish we were pals in real life? Your blog always has me fall-off-my-chair laughing. Congratulations on the new baby!

  3. Um, I don’t gamble because I’m notoriously unlucky. And the one time I put $5 in a Keno machine the disappointment I felt when it was gone and I had nothing was, shall we say, memorable.

    Anyway, that doesn’t stop my over-active imagination from running all willy-nilly, and if I did suddenly come into mega bucks I would pay my bills (predictable) and then pack up and live in various European countries like a bum until I was broke again. I love to travel, and I’ve been almost nowhere, so the idea of roaming around Europe at my leisure is more than a little intoxicating. Besides which I’m single with no babies, so I have no one to tsk tsk the idea.

  4. I would travel…and have someone else do the cooking! šŸ™‚

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