Sister from the same mister

My sister Bobbie and her family are flying in tonight and I am excited! I’m taking a few days off of work to revel in family time with my favorite person named Bobbie (sorry Bobby Brown–you’re on notice!).

I have been sleepless and scattered, dealing a baby and a messy house and a son who accidentally heard Color Me Bad’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” and had to be told, “No honey, they’re singing, ‘I wanna *socks* you up.’ This song is about footwear.”

And my sister is coming! I’ve refrained from mentioning here or on facebook because people on Saipan invest in the Chamorro method of shipment: asking any traveling countrymen if they can buy 10 boxes of mushroom risotto, a pair of sandals, a Hannah Montana backpack, three dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and a cooler full of Sockeye salmon. But don’t worry! They’ll pay you back once they get their tax return. Not everyone is like that, but enough people are that I didn’t want to expose my sister to someone showing up at the airport saying, “Hey can you deliver this box of tuna to my aunt in Idaho?”

But now that she is on her way, I can tell you that I am so excited, my eye is twitching. I’m okay though, I’ve taken the anti-twitching meds (read: rooofies! Also read: who wants to partayyy!).

My sister and I are ten years apart so there were many years where I just worshipped her. She was in high school! She had a German boyfriend! She listened to Depeche Mode! She kept jewelry in a purple Caboodles!

It wasn’t until I was in high school and she moved back home from college that we became really close. During her pregnancy with her first child, we would walk around the island’s Duty-Free and she would ask if I liked Elizabeth Arden’s “Fifth Avenue” perfume and I’d reply, “It should have stayed on First.”

It’s been two years since I’ve seen her and she cannot get here soon enough.

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  1. You are making me want a sister! And a doughnut.

  2. You mentioned roofies and all I can think of is the guy from The Hangover saying “why do they call them roofies? They should call them floories!”

    Sisters are pretty much the best. They’re the only ones who can truly appreciate the crazy of growing up with those people we call parents.

  3. I love my sister so much too. I’m excited for you! Is she bringing Nathan and TJ some cousins to play with? Enjoy all your sister time and I hope you write all about it!

  4. 1) I wanna socks you up…that made coffee come out my nose
    2) My brother is 10 years older, and my sisters are 9 and 6 years older so I’m familiar with the worship
    3) Oh. My. God. Caboodles….classic!

    Hope you guys have a great time!

  5. Hahaha…I remember all that. Tell Bobs I said aloha! Xoxo


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