tried to think of a better title to showcase the giveaways going on my review blog but i couldn’t really think of anything other than “win it” and wow, wordpress you’re really letting me type a lot into this headline space how much can I fit into this? let’s see, la la la a la la

I have two giveaways going on my review blog. Check it, my internet friend:

A $100 Visa Card thanks to Ritz Crackerfuls and Blogher and a post of how I break up my day by killing the undead, something only possible on my iPhone. Ends 7/31.

A $150 Visa Card and a post thanks to Laughing Cow and BlogHer, in which I describe my lovely self-tanning experience. By lovely, I mean the exact opposite and I don’t know what the opposite of that is because I don’t have my thesaurus and my brain is very small. You have until 8/15 to laugh with me, not at me.

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