In which I finally meet Alexa

half baked

half baked

After reading her blog for the past five years, I finally met Alexa. She visited Seattle as her last stop on her book tour promoting her memoir, Half Baked. I have been excited to meet her since I found out she was heading this way.

me, TJ, alexa

me, TJ, alexa

I brought TJ along with me because I wasn’t sure how long I would be gone from home and it’s easier to handle a four-month-old baby, even an active one, than it is an active, frenzied four-year-old boy. Four-year-olds get bored, need the bathroom, ask to eat, lift up your shirt when you’re in line at the grocery store. Babies can be strolled, patted on the back, soothed with a pacifier and in this case, rocked incessantly while strapped in a baby carrier. It was his first book reading and he was very well behaved. Of course, it took my performing lunges and dancing the Roger Rabbit to keep him quiet which is why I look SO SWEATY in this picture. I don’t know why I didn’t just take him out of the baby carrier and hold him because it looks like I’m emptying him out onto Alexa’s chest and he’s giving the “I don’t think this is a safe position for me!” look. There are worse things, child!



Alexa is pure delight. Her writing is gripping and heart-felt, containing the kind of poignancy and wit that the literary world needs. I’ve always loved her blog and this book is an extension of that, an unabridged access to her life as a mother, especially in the raw, surreal period after giving birth to a 1.5 pound baby. She is my writing hero. As she read passages from her book and talking about her early days as a blogger, I began to miss my own writing, the way I started this blog with edge and spunk and now what do I have, vagina diatribing and waxing philosophic about working poles. Still, Alexa left me breathless and inspired to re-invest the zest I once had for this space. And isn’t that what writing is supposed to do—be the cathartic force that energizes others to tell stories of their own?

You can find Alexa’s blog here and her book at Amazon. You should do this now.

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  1. How fun! I would love to go to a book reading of a blogger I was following. Dooce was in Chicago last year, but I couldn’t make it to her reading that night. šŸ™

  2. Amy/ButrflyGarden/Whatever says:

    Wow, she seems incredible. I really want to read her book.

    I miss the blog circuit so incredibly bad. I don’t even know what name to comment as anymore. šŸ˜‰

  3. Isn’t Alexa (and her book) (and her writing) CAPTIVATING?

    She inspires me too.

    (I love seeing friends meet friends. Yay!)

  4. I always have considered you zesty, Mona. Your blog is going to change and grow in tone and style just as you do. I do not feel like this space has ‘lost’ anything at all! I love you and I love kirida. I do understand though, thewildercoast has gone from total adventure to lame philosophical thougths and mediocre flower pictures! but hey….so has my life! what can ya do!

  5. Fun times out there in Sheadu. Ask T.J., he knows it. (This may be the dumbest comment I’ve ever made. But I decided to post it anyway. At least I’m laughing.)

  6. i’m sure cool people come here, I just don’t know about it in my carrot covered haze.

    Also if TJ had tipped out at least it would be onto an impressive rack šŸ™‚


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