welcome to america

We’re in host family mode now. There is much shopping and eating and laughing and four-year-old boys named Nathan throwing tantrums because I didn’t give him my iPhone fast enough. I am loving every minute (well, except for the screaming) and wishing I could just bottle up my family like I Dream of Genie and open it up whenever my non-vacationing life wears me down. Especially the scene when Nathan was on the floor playing a game, his shorts exposing his butt crack and my four-year-old niece Brissa points to it and says, “Auntie Mona, tell Nathan not to show that.”

Also! Art imitates life/imitates art/gets uploaded to Flickr:

here comes the bride, down aisle 10

here comes the bride, down aisle 10

Yep. That’s a woman in an 80s-era Young and the Restless wedding dress walking through Wal-Mart like it’s nothing. I mean, who doesn’t want to buy a huge box of Go-Gurts right after their vows?

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  1. life gets uploaded to flikr.

    I love it.

  2. go-gurt is appropriate at any time…

  3. One should never deny themselves something as important as a GoGurt craving.

  4. I have never seen anything even remotely close to that in my Walmart, which is apparently very boring.

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