boobs. bread. breaking bad.

1. I have another post up at Bravado–my beat for all things boob-work-balance related–where I’m talking about breastfeeding in public.

2. I’m giving away a $150 Visa Gift Card over on my review blog. I’m willing to fight you over bread. And give you money! War and peace!

3. Mike and I watched the first disc of Breaking Bad’s first season. I had heard so many awesome reviews and I was afraid that it would suck me into another show vortex. And it has. I popped in the disc at 9 PM and after midnight, when we had finished all three episodes, Mike said, “HOW SOON CAN YOU GET THE NEXT DISC?!?” I don’t know much about this series other than that the main character is a high school chemistry teacher whose terminal cancer diagnosis forces him to start cooking meth to support his family, but I AM INVESTED. You win, Breaking Bad. I’m in.

4. Our security system went off this morning and I missed the call from the company. Luckily it was a false alarm, but unluckily, we’ll still have to pay for it. But hey! The police were dispatched and arrived just minutes later! Our tax dollars at work! I have to pay more money to confirm it!

false alarm

false alarm

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  1. I’m intruiged by Breaking Bad…but I just can’t add another thing to my watch list.

  2. I’m totally hooked on Breaking Bad. We’re halfway through the second season. I don’t know if you’ve watched The Wire? Also amazing.

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