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Here is the shirt my husband bought from the internet. I held TJ and ushered Mike outside onto the balcony so I could get this picture. Meanwhile, Nathan was inside and managed to reach into the child-lock plastic doorknob trap with his tiny fingers and turn the lock.

lock down

lock down

The trouble with a child with speech delay is that it’s difficult to explain what exactly he needs to do to recreate the steps that trapped the rest of his family on the second floor of the house. We had a few options like yell down to passing strangers that we needed to be rescued, which would also invite them to HEY ROB THE HOUSE! NO ONE WILL STOP YOU! And I’m sure that if they did kidnap Nathan in the process, they would drive off, make a u-turn and return him because it wouldn’t be more than a block’s drive before he started with, “ARE WE GOING TO DA GYMMMM? TURN DISSSS WAY! NO! DISSSSS WAY!”

Luckily I had my phone on me and called our awesome neighbor to deliver us back into our home. After she left, I yelled to Mike, “We’re like the President and Vice-President! We can’t be at the same place at the same time.” I’m sure that’s not how the rule really is, but I only got a B in Civics class and I vote based on whether or not the name rhymes with Yo’ Mama. First time in 2008!

“And which one am I?” Mike asked.

“Vice-President.” I replied. “DUH.”

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  1. You are absolutely hilarious!

  2. I can’t tell you how many times my daughter locked me out of the house between the ages of 3-4. I had to stop taking the garbage out and checking the mail while she was awake. Thankfully you have an awesome neighbor. I don’t have awesome neighbors.

  3. We don’t use the door knob things anymore. Although we have used them to lock him in his own room! I learned it from another mom awhile ago. It’s great – put it on the inside and he can’t come out! Parenting at its finest, I’d say.

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