In front of 8,000 people

Mike’s marriage proposal at the Seattle Storm game from mona on Vimeo.

Today is my five-year-wedding anniversary with my darling husband. The traditional gift is WOOD. So you know what we’ll be doing! GETTING IT ON! AT A COUPLE’S WOOD-CARVING CLASS! I’m hoping to make some funky bear holding a rifle, because I’m all about bear on bear crime! If that doesn’t work, I’ll have some fancy toothpicks to bring home!

Above is the video of my husband proposing to me at a Seattle Storm Game in 2004. He had lured me to the game by saying that it was Storm BBQ tool night, meaning that the first few hundred people would receive commemorative BBQ tools and he needed to have it. And because we were supposed to go to a fancy dinner later and I had never ever been to a professional basketball game, I wore heels, stockings, and a dress with slits on the side. Business cas!

Before the game started, a woman picked me out of the audience to play a game called, “Hot and Cold.” I would be blind-folded and would chase the mascot Doppler around the court. The audience would clap and cheer when I got “hot,” and boo when I got “cold.” (How fitting a title!) When I heard this, I immediately told Mike that it would be perfect for him because running wildly in front of 8,000 people is something he does on Tuesday nights ANYWAY. She played off my response and said that it would be better for a girl to do it and I couldn’t argue with that.

So what you see is my playing a game that would lead to my then-boyfriend asking me to be his future wife and we all know how that turned out. I recorded this from the DVD so you’ll have to turn up the volume. Or you could just mute it and be amazed at my dress apparently designed by the rapper Nelly because GOOD GRACIOUS ASS IS BODACIOUS. Oh 2004 body, you were good to me.

Happy anniversary babe!

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  1. That’s adorable. šŸ™‚ Love you getting all excited and running into him and then you’re all, “Oh hey, Mike!” šŸ™‚ Tooooo cute. Happy anniversary, guys!!

  2. Happy anniversary!

  3. I watched this at work without the sound on (stupid work), and it was awesome! I love Mike trying to get rid of the mascot while he’s proposing and then his reaction after you said yes. So cute! What a fun proposal.

    Happy anniversary, you two!

  4. I love it!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!

    What a great experience to have (and video to commemorate it). How long did Mike plan the whole thing? Wondering how you’d work it out with the sports organization to put that on. So were you 100% surprised? No suspicion that a proposal was coming?

    You did look absolutely gorgeous in that black cocktail dress that’s for sure (and you STILL look hot now!)

  6. Awewwww, am tearing up at work now. šŸ™‚ You guys are so stinking cute.

    (And daaaaaaaaamn gurl that skirt.)

  7. Typelittlea says:

    Oh Mike, I give that an A+

    You are the master of the grand gesture!

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Oh, I love that.

  9. awww! i smiled the entire time! i love mike’s expression when you said yes! happy anniversary to you both!!

  10. What an awesome video!

  11. I LOVE that! How cool that you have this to show Nathan and TJ and all their future dates. Happy anniversary!

  12. I was actually NERVOUS for how it would turn OUT. And now I’m smiling like a damn fool.

    Congrats you crazy kids!

  13. That’s fantastic – Happy Anniversary!

  14. I love how after you say yes and you start leaving the court Mike runs off in front of you fist pumping the air and you’re way behind all confused!

    Happy Anniversary you two.

  15. This video is unreal!!! I agree with Ashley – I love that Mike is so happy that he’s running off the court at the end. You two are just adorable. Happy (belated) anniversary! šŸ™‚

  16. Happy Anniversary, Mona & Mike! šŸ™‚

    Coolest proposal EVAR.

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