one. two. punch.

Mike and I received devastating news about Nathan’s school situation. The plan was to have him taken by bus to and from his daycare since it doesn’t offer transportation. It wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that we were told that Nathan’s daycare was out of the Seattle School District limits by about 10 blocks. No exceptions are made unless the child is homeless. We couldn’t send him to a school in the other district because we live in Seattle’s limits. So hello rock, meet hard place, meet my furrowed brow, meet my clenched, shaking fist.

This information would have been helpful in May when we were approved for services or in February when we first started this process or maybe anytime during my maternity leave or ANY TIME AT ALL. Let me get a 2010 calendar and choose a date that IS NOT YESTERDAY! Not less than two weeks before school is supposed to start! NOT COOL.

So our only choice was to find pull him out of the daycare which he loved and lovss him and place him in another one within the school limits immediately. I don’t know if you’ve ever searched for daycare, but it is incredibly time-consuming. It’s nearly impossible to find a place that has both an infant and older child opening and is safe, close by and not a money-sucking-vacuum.

I quickly went to work searching Childcare Resources, lining up appointments with any place that had openings for two children. We had to
enroll Nathan right away so he would have a week to adjust and not suffer the trauma of attending a new daycare and a new school in one day without either of his full-time working parents there to let him know everything’s okay.

The first place we visited was a house near ours that was turned into a center. I was put off by the sheer number of children there were, almost 40 in the whole house. Each room had dark wood paneling and not much natural light coming in. Right away, there were definite cons. It would cost about the same as our mortgage payment to send both our sons there and Nathan wouldn’t be able to take a nap when he was picked up from school. With a child like Nathan who already needs more attention, more structure, more hugs and back-rubs, I felt he would just be swallowed whole in a daycare that had more children in it than in my entire high school senior class.

We then visited a place that had everything we were looking for in a daycare. Breastfeeding-positive, affordable, brightly lit, nearby location
and space for both TJ and Nathan. She had experience with the school system and would be able to do the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. We talked more about schedules and activities and discipline and every time she spoke, I grinned more and more. We didn’t need to visit anyone else. This was it.

We let Nathan play outside with the other children. An older boy came up to him and tried to hug Nathan. Then the two played with the small basketball hoop, both shooting balls into it. He kept trying to talk to my son, instructing him how to hold the ball, how to aim. I don’t know if Nathan understood but he was enjoying the instruction.

When we were going to leave, the boy smiled at me and declared, “I taught him everything he knows!”

I’m looking forward to lessons like that, ones that teach Nathan that change is hard but when it’s to welcome new
people into your life, new people who will smile at you and rub your back when you feel bad and will soon fall madly in love with you, just do it. It’ll be okay.

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  1. I’m so happy this post has a happy ending! =)

  2. Wow, how stressful, difficult, and heartbreaking to have to do this at such a time, and in such a rush. It’s SO wonderful that you found a place that seems so positive and that looks like it will work out well for your children.

    I hope Nathan can adjust quickly and with as little stress as possible. Good luck!

  3. I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must be. It’s so great that you found a place that you both love. I’m thrilled for all of you that it worked out so well…and so quickly. I hope there’s a well deserved night out in your future!

  4. omg. insanely stressful! So glad you find a place you love.

  5. Glad everything worked out! Nice save from suckland!

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