A one car family

We have decided to become a one car family. We had been searching for a used car and that was a few fun rounds of online shopping. Would we buy a minivan? An SUV? A black Lincoln towncar with windows so dark that we could exit through the back doors so everyone will think that we were driven to Costco! We fancy! We were armed with helpful tips from family and friends, like when you’re at the dealership, wince a lot at every flaw, easy enough for me since that pained look is my normal face, anyway. Like when my husband asks why I’ll need the car on the holiday and I shriek, “BECAUSE THAT’S THE THRIFT STORE SALE!” My face contorts, my forehead muscles spasm and I enter into a grand mal seizure because this is how I dress my sons in Ralph Lauren without resorting to selling knock-off Gucci purses and Harry Potter paperbacks on the street corner because I cannot afford $40 for a single pair of seersucker pants. And my husband does not know!

So as for the car, we will survive on my small ride. It’s not impossible. In a mercantile world where so many people buy behemoth vehicles because they believe that they have to. It might work for their families and large wallets, especially for a woman I know who is my age and traded in her Mercedes for a Lexus SUV. And that’s just a fact! Not that I’m jealous or that the other fact is that my car’s trade-in value would get me a kid’s razor scooter!

I had to take TJ to his check-up on Friday and normally I would drive him in, but I didn’t want to change the appointment to when I would have a car available. I packed his diaper bag, strapped him in the baby carrier and took the bus there. He slept through the entire ride to the doctor’s office in a bus full of high school students heading to class. A large Samoan kid, who had been greeting his other classmates with, “I respect you” instead of hello, leaned over me to open up the bus window. He looked down and noticed TJ, shut the window and said, “Oh sorry, I didn’t know there was a baby on board. Too cold for babies.” And the ride back was just as pleasant. He was strapped against my chest and gazed out the window until the shifting landscapes lulled him to sleep.

I am excited that this new development will work for my family. We plan to use the insurance money to pay off some debt. If we need a car, we might buy one in the summer, but for the time being only one of us is behind the wheel, the other one yelling, “This is not the exit!” So just like old times!

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  1. Yay! Besides the monetary savings, I think you’ll find there are other benefits as well. I wholeheartedly support you! : )

  2. We’ve been a one-car family for a few years. Yes, there are drawbacks but not nearly as many as how much it costs to have TWO cars. Insurance, renewing licence plates, city stickers, maintenance, the whole thing.

    I walk a lot of places with Theo, and Bryan takes the train into work. Congrats! And another bonus: not having to buy more car seats to put in a second car! HOLLA!

  3. I support you, I am inspired by you!!! This is so awesome Mona!! Plus- bus riding equals great stories to write about….

  4. I so wish we could do this- no car payment, aaah! But we live in an area with the crappiest public transportation known to man, even close to the city. So, two cars it is. boo šŸ™

  5. That kid on the bus was great. Island brothas represent! It seems like you have pretty reliable public transportation out there. I’m glad you guys can manage. We have always been a one vehicle family. At the moment, we are a no vehicle family, or more like a please take pity on us and lend us your vehicle family. But I’m hoping we’ll get our car back at the end of the week. We really want to buy a second vehicle, but I don’t know how practical that is. I know it will all work out for both of us, my friend.

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