Why I hate Slim-Fast Comics

I can handle a lot of stupidity on television. Most of what I watch can be chalked up to reality drivel, only meant to send the cultured slivers of my brain into atrophy. My vocabulary reduced to a few sentences, one of which is, “I’m not here to make friends!” However, despite how saturated my mind is with shows that are the polar opposite of political and social import, I have to say that I hate, hate, hate the Slim-Fast Open Mic Night.

I generally dislike the heavy-handedness of actors being comics in commercials but these bring my hatred to a supernova level. For one, if I ever find myself in the audience at a comedy club during one of these Open Mic nights, I will demand my refund, apology and a box of Junior Mints so I can get the taste of AWFUL out of my mouth.


Ha! So funny I forgot to laugh, excluding the first HA!

Also not funny:

This joke is OLD. It’s been done on Saturday Night Live and every sketch show since 19-forever ago.

Why can’t you just say, use our products toward your weight loss goal? Do you have to make me believe that somewhere out there, there’s someone NOT ENJOYING HERSELF because she was sucked into a stupid girl’s night out at a stupid comedy club that didn’t filter out unfunny? I support women and especially women in comedy, but please, writers, workshop this awfulness.

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  1. Stupid slim fast.

  2. Hey, love the new blog layout, Mona! šŸ™‚

    Also, Slimfast sucks on about a million levels. And this would be Exhibit W on why advertising frequently alienates me from products rather than drawing me in… ugh.

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