a fine cat

charlie, a fine cat

Our cat Charlie died this morning. He had been sick last night, but he’s such a fighter, such a strong-willed cat that we didn’t think to take him in. He died at home, a home where everyone loved him.

We adopted Charlie almost eight years ago. Mike and I had just moved together and along with all the purchases and new home needs, we brought home a cat. Mike went into the adoption shelter and asked for the best cat they had. The staff pointed out to a year-old-cat who was named Chocolate, but he immediately became Charlie and instantly became ours.

He was more human than cat sometimes, a wicked intelligence and a stubborn territorial streak. He loved his spot on the bed and wanted to be tucked in like he was a child. When we moved from an apartment to this house, we didn’t worry about him. He was tough and smart and figured out his new surroundings quickly. He had an orange tabby for a girlfriend. He had his spot on our balcony where he would spend the warmer days. He had the whole house for himself when it was colder.

He was a member of our family who loved us unconditionally. He was always a fine cat, even when we were marginal people. Next week, we will receive a cherrywood box with his ashes inside and a little brass frame that will read, “Charlie: Rest in Peace.”

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  1. I’m so sorry, Mona. I am glad that he died peacefully, but I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is so freaking hard.

  2. Oh Mona, I’m so sorry to hear your sad news. Losing a pet really is losing a family member. My thoughts and prayers will be with you guys.
    Carrie recently posted..In which I make you all feel much better about your mothering style

  3. So sad! :'( I’m so sorry, Mona. I have lost too many pets over the years, and it never gets easier. My prayers are with you.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about Charlie. Losing a pet is never easy and it sounds like he was a great cat.
    Ellie @ The Mommyist recently posted..Blue Skys

  5. My heart is with you Mona. I’m so sorry to hear that. Charlie was a very happy, well loved cat with a wonderful life.
    Melina recently posted..Essay on Everything 1

  6. Poor Charlie! While I never got a chance to talk to him about the subject, I know for certain that he had a really good life with your family.

  7. I really wish we didn’t have to outlive the furbabies. šŸ™
    Sarah recently posted..There is no way I get paid enough to deal with this

  8. I like “Charlie: The Best Cat They Had.”
    Swistle recently posted..Fish Update II

  9. Oh, I am so sorry!
    mayberry recently posted..My kingdom for a tooth

  10. Oh, I am so very sorry. His photo makes him look like he had very strong opinions about the world. What a beautiful boy.
    Pickles & Dimes recently posted..mish-mash

  11. Uggg, pets shouldn’t be allowed to die. Ever.

    So sorry for your loss.
    Ashley, the Accidental Olympian recently posted..HAPPY HALLMARK HOLIDAY!

  12. I’m sorry…

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