rolling in the deep

I love Adele and listening to this live version gives me chills. She is so good. Whenever I hear strong female singers, I like to imagine what it would be like to have their voices for just a moment, particularly when I’m at a Korean karaoke bar and the rating on the screen gives me NO STARS! None! I’d also love to have a decent singing voice when I’m at home and my four-year-old runs into the room, waves his hands and yells, “Stop singing!”

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  1. Vahid tells me he likes my singing but I’m pretty sure he just says so I will stop punching him in the neck every morning.
    Sarah recently posted..It’s Time to Get Serious

  2. It’s really a shame I can’t sing because I love music so much! Oh, the ironic tragedy of it all… At least in my car there’s no one to tell me how off-key I am.

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