Glee Karaoke with Konami

Last Thursday night, my friend Lana and I headed out to the Experience Music Project to test out a few new games. The free event was sponsored by and featured several new and soon to be released games such Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 2, which will hit retail stores nationwide in April exclusively for Nintendo Wii™, the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D for Nintendo 3DS™.

One of the first games I tested out was Dance Masters for XBOX Kinect. There weren’t any songs that I recognized and the room itself was a bit too loud for me to hear the music, so I had to rely on my poor sight and my weak dance moves to perform this (thanks for filming Carrie!):

Mona at Dance Masters! from mona on Vimeo.

I had chosen the beginners level which required that I follow only FOUR MOVES and what did that yield me?

I bet that “D” does not stand for DANCE MASTER.

Later, my friend Lana and I took the stage for some KARAO-GLEE with Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 2. We scrolled through some of the songs and finally selected the best two friends with a insane amount of pop culture knowledge could belt out: Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. I have a short history with karaoke, mostly high school nights spent in the Asian-style rooms that we rented for twenty bucks an hour and my Korean friends would only sing the parts of the songs they liked and then quickly selected the next song, so instead of 10 ballads in an hour, we sang only three or four lines of the twenty songs we chose. Luckily, they weren’t around this night to yell at me and I got to enjoy an entire song with my friend.

The first difficulty I had, other than my lack of any singing ability, was that I couldn’t read the words that scrolled across the karaoke-style TV at the base of the stage, so Lana and I had to turn our backs to the audience and read off the tiny TV connected to the Wii itself.

“I didn’t bring my glasses!” I screamed into the mic, a sentence I could only share once I put my dentures back in and smoothed off the Ben-Gay ointment I just applied all over my wax paper skin. Plus, my voice was a little hoarse after yelling at all the kids to get off my lawn.

Thankfully, I had my friend Lana who sings much better than I ever could and the two glasses of wine had already enabled me to believe that I was a great singer as well as THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND COORDINATED WOMAN IN THE WORLD! Drinks on me! Unless it’s an open bar and in that case, everyone bring drinks to me!

Even though I mostly missed all the key lines and forgot how to connect my brain with my mouth, our score wasn’t that bad:

What I love about a game like this is that it convinces us that we have skills that do not translate into the real world like Karaoke! It gives us a few moments to escape into a world where singing is as serious as we take it. They allow us to connect with a TV show we love in a medium that we can share with friends and families and people who do not kick us out because our voices reach an off-pitch screech even when the words are: “RAH-RAH-RAH-RAH-RAH-RAH! RO-MA-RO-MA-MA!”

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  1. great post! I never would have been able to capture the evening as eloquently as you! i felt like i was just following your lead on our glee karaoke debut!

  2. You two ROCKED the Glee Karaoke 🙂
    Carrie recently posted..One last day of being 33

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