The second baby


Soon my baby will be a year old and no longer an infant. He hasn’t felt like a little baby for awhile. He walked early, gave up pureed baby food for sliced grapes and chicken cubes. He was writing out his transferrable skills before he started teething, skills like: regular pooping, ability to inhale dinner and proven success in clearing out a room after said poop. Said poop! Where else can you refer to poop twice in the same paragraph? Get into mommyblogging for no other reason than to clarify which poop you are referring to, the initial mention or the second note, the SAID POOP! Dream big!

I love it when I come home or pick TJ up from daycare and his face becomes electric when our eyes meet after a long day of not seeing mommy. He transforms like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, huffing and panting until his short shuffles bring him to me and I lift him up onto my hip.

He has an incredible appetite. I overcooked asparagus the other night and he didn’t care that I went rogue with the boiling and didn’t pull the vegetables out from the pot as quickly as I should have. He didn’t care that this was more Chef Boyardee than Top Chef, he chewed on the limp asparagus happily. He will eat sautéed spinach and fruit and udon noodles whereas his older brother live on cottage cheese, hot dogs, and goldfish crackers if he could.

TJ is investigative, pulling everything out that is within reach. His favorite toys usually are all mine: a Sephora face scrubber, a makeup brush, my hair–especially when I’m sleeping and don’t appreciate a small human hand becoming snared in my tangles.

I’m so glad we have a second baby. I am much more relaxed, much more skilled in handling the worries and bumps and whimpers from this little person. And by skills, I mean not running to him whenever he cries out. It means relaxing and breathing and letting him grow without his mother’s neuroses smothering him. It means watching him waddle across a whole room just so he can wrap his arms around my knee and assure my little man that I will always be there to lift him up, up and up.

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  1. That last line…up, and up, and up….

    melina recently posted..Ordinary- Carnival- Wilderness- City

  2. Could’ve written this myself, down to the hand in my hair. Feel so, so lucky.

  3. You are blessed. And smart enough to enjoy it. Great post!

  4. Awww… You’re givin’ me the baby fever again here. But in a good way. Lovely post. 🙂
    Brittany recently posted..Ramble On

  5. Your kids are SO CUTE.

    Seriously, every time Vahid sees them on instagram he’s all “DAMMIT She’s making me want baby!” So yes, cute kids.
    Sarah recently posted..Thrice Fiction

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