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Yesterday I got lost downtown thanks to a crappy Google maps search which sent me to the WRONG dim sum restaurant, leaving me at 5th Avenue SOUTH instead of 5th Avenue. Instead of arriving at O’ Asian, I was in front of some homeless woman’s shopping cart home and she wasn’t able to give me any directions because she was too busy yelling at passing cars. So I was late meeting Elizabeth, Emily, Maggie, Liz and Carrie, along with Maggie’s husband and two kids and Liz’s husband. But after several frantic bus changes and running uphill in boots, I finally made it and stopped sweating long enough to have this picture taken.

I cropped out all the dim sum aftermath, especially all the empty plates in front of me because the food was so delicious and I kept saying YES! Noodles! Yes! Shrimp shumai! And I just gave the YES I WOULD LIKE TO EAT THAT face whenever anything was offered to me. Is there an American FSL: Face Sign Language because I am already fluent.

I’ve been having such a great time lately meeting other bloggers for the first time and this was just an extension of why I love talking face to face with people whose lives I have been reading about FOR YEARS. It was great to share stories about babies, husbands, mothers and ask questions about moving and working and why is Mona hogging all the pork dumplings and thinking, “GAHHH WOMAN PACE YOURSELF!” Hey, bloggers are people, too! Especially this group of beautiful, funny, wang-talk dropping women who made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to freak out the older couple behind me or just anyone within earshot who wondered why they let rabid hyenas into a classy restaurant.

Isn’t Maggie so pretty? She’s having her third baby and she still looks so stunning. During this stage of my pregnancy, my face looked like I was wearing yesterday’s makeup, the bags under my eyes dark and heavy from the weight of carrying memories of what life was before I had children and little humans who could find their pants and shirt but never socks! NEVER the socks! But Maggie!? The lovely opposite of that.

Also, it was great to see Carrie again since the last time I had been butchering karaoke ballads. She is super sweet and funny and doesn’t say no when I whip out a camera and ask for a picture in the middle of the street before I have to waddle toward the bus stop and begin my journey home.

How’s your weekend going?

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  1. Seriously, I think I’m STILL full from all the dim sum! Good to see you again- have a great week!
    Carrie recently posted..I went

  2. OH MONA. You are the nicest. Why don’t you hang out with me more often? Do I need to bribe you with shrimp? I can do that. And I didn’t realize you were so lost, I’M SORRY!
    Maggie recently posted..Before I drop them off at the orphanage

  3. Food Sign Language… šŸ˜€ That was awesome. I think I would have majored in that in college, if it had been offered.

    By the way, congrats on your weight loss! Sadly, I think I’ve actually been gaining weight. Perhaps it’s the dreaded “first year fifteen” one gains after marriage? Happy weight, they call it, although it ain’t makin’ me happy to see my clothes “shrink in the wash” so often.

    Thanks for your sunny, funny personality and for sharing it with the online world with lucky people like me! šŸ™‚

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