drew’s birthday egg smash!

This morning I went to the very lovely home of my friend Drew to celebrate her upcoming birthday. I have known Drew for four years now. I was scrolling through the West Seattle blog list directory at the West Seattle Blog and found her blog, One More Salute to Vanity. When I first read her blog, I thought, Wow! She is smart! Wow! She knows a lot about pop culture! Then I had a choice to make. I could pretend I never saw her blog, never meet her and just steal everything she said and claim it as my own or write her and meet her and beg her to be my friend. And I’m so glad I did meet her and bribe her and befriend her because I could participate in wonderful activities like smashing eggs on each other, an idea I found from Jordan Ferney’s phenomenal design blog.

We gathered around her dining room table, drank mimosas and ate Smitten Kitchen’s spinach and egg strata and wrote wishes on the fruity pebble stuffed eggs.

Drew really enjoyed the chase.

Lauren got the glitter egg so she won.

Happy birthday Drew!

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  1. Yay for fun times with friends! That looks like so much fun.
    Sarah recently posted..And I then I said- let’s blow this joint and he just smiled

  2. You are the best, my wonderful friendo!

  3. In San Antonio, we call these “cascarones” (cas-ka-row-ness) and they are part of San Antonio’s Fiesta week-long party every April, as well as a traditional part of everyone’s Easter festivities here too! You can buy them in grocery stores and on the side of the road from little ladies that make them!

    Looks like y’all had a lot of fun!!
    Glam-O-Mommy recently posted..Ten on Tuesday

  4. my god what a photogenic and fun activity!!! And I love how this is filed under ‘friends’ and ‘yay’.

  5. This is the best use for an egg I have EVER seen.

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