Mona, Duchess of Romantic Gestures


I woke up at midnight, tweeted and talked to my sister throughout most of the ceremony. And when we hung up, I watched Kate and William kiss on the balcony and that’s when the waterworks started.

I love weddings but this was more than a wedding. To see two people, regardless of social stature, find each other in this crazy world and fall in love, well, that’s worth celebrating.

Happy lovely Friday.

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  1. Yes, I totally cried when she got out of the car and we first saw her dress. I am such a girl sometimes, my husband laughed at me.
    Shannon recently posted..Kennedys 1st Birthday

  2. Amen. It was just beautiful, the whole thing!
    Glam-O-Mommy recently posted..Ten on Tuesday

  3. OMG! I didn’t think I would care so much. But since there wasn’t much on TV while we were in the hospital, I ended up watching hours and hours of pre-wedding coverage and I found myself glued to the TV during the wedding. I let my kids stay up later than usual to watch it with us. Jacob totally didn’t give whatnot, he was into his fighting duplos or something. But Katelyn kept shushing me and giving me the hand every time I tried to point out something I loved – which was like every two minutes. I flipping loved it! The dress of the decade? No, the dress of my dreams, the dress of all time. I am now all about the British monarchy. I think we need to move to London. Want to come?

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