My iPad!


Mike bought me an iPad 2 today as an early mother’s day present, even earlier birthday present and lifetime some time insurance that I will be in a phenomenally uplifted mood because YAY!!! An iPad! Of course I kissed my husband and shouted in Real Housewives of Atlanta fashion: “THANK YOU BIG POPPA!”

I love this already though I’m having trouble typing on it, you’d think my big sausage fingers would be a perfect fit for the keyboard. My typing looks like Koko the Gorilla learning how to sign “friends,” only she was successful. My only minor issues are that no new earbuds came with the iPad (I mean, really Steve Jobs? You couldn’t spare a sister a new pair? A sister with eardrums that have cannibalized all her headphone equipment?) and that it requires a whole new charger so another cable to lug around because I’m so worried about losing power and being stuck on a bus in a snowstorm for six hours. Which really happened. Please never again! I don’t want to be on a bus with nothing to read but a crumpled drugstore circular which means all I can read are the looks from the other passengers’ faces who are betting on who will pee in her pants first because she’s too chicken to walk out in the freezing temps in search of a toilet. I’m a safe bet, snow or no snow.


The iPad camera means I can Use FaceTime to talk to people so of course I tried it out on the awesomest person I know: Me. We discussed how funny we are (when we are drinking) and how beautiful we look (when everyone else is drinking). Good times!


What apps should I download, other sweet iPad users?

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  1. I am told that Reeder makes a very good RSS app that syncs with your subscriptions in Google Reader. BlogPress (I would include links to all these if I were not typing on my phone) is supposed to be good for composing your blog posts, much better than the WordPress app. Um, Twitter for iPad is supposed to be pretty sweet, too. Plants vs Zombies HD should go without saying.

    Please note I don’t actually own an iPad but that doesn’t mean I don’t covet one and totally have all the apps for it planned out already.

  2. Enjoy your new toy! Steve jobs is getting cheaper and cheaper when it comes to accessories. When I bought my first ipod in 2003 it came with headphones, a docking station, and a wall charger. Now the ipad doesn’t even come with new headphones? Oh well, I’m still hooked!
    Ellie @ The Mommyist recently posted..Stir Crazy

  3. I just got my iPad2…too! If you get any good App suggestions…lemme know! I’m already in love with Apple, but I KNOW! No earbuds??!?! *sheesh*

  4. Nice Momoko Chan!

  5. You know what I hate about the iPad though? That all my iPhone apps are so damn small! Shouldn’t they automatically fit the screen? And I hate that their work around is the 2X thing that makes everything blurry. Please tell me you’ve found better apps, because I need them asap.
    Ashley, the Accidental Olympian recently posted..OUR NEW VIEW


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