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Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments about my son. Just to clarify: Nathan has not been officially diagnosed with autism, we are just a the referral stage. Nathan has only been seen to qualify for services from the public school system, but nothing is definite yet. I’ll circle back with his doctor so we can find some resources in the meantime instead of waiting until November.

I don’t fully believe he’s on the spectrum, but I don’t know enough to say where he is. I just know what I see and what I want to see. I want to know how to properly nurture this highly charged, super emotional, all-around awesome kid. I’m just grateful that when I share something as heavy as this, we just receive an incredible amount of support and assurance that we are loved and not alone.

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  1. Obviously this must be so difficult for you, but you’ll get through it because THAT’S WHAT YOU DO, right?

    It’s so so hard when there is anything amiss with your child, but you won’t love him any less and he won’t love you any less.

    I wish you much luck and strength!
    Leslie recently posted..Weekend update

  2. He’s an awesome kid no matter what–but it will be good to have some more info on best ways to nurture him. Sorry you have to wait so damn long to have him evaluated!
    mayberry recently posted..Special delivery

  3. You’re a fine mom, you will do the best for nathan.
    Mrs. Tuna recently posted..1st Comes Love- Then Comes Marriage

  4. Oh, friend. I am SO behind on reading and hadn’t see that post yet. I (and all of us) know how much you love Nathan and you are the best Mom he could ever hope for. It will all work out. I know it.
    Angella recently posted..My Best Girl

  5. Can I just say that everyone here has already said what I wanted to say? You are clearly an amazing Mother and Nathan and TJ are so lucky to have you.
    Sarah recently posted..Picture That- I love me some random phone pictures

  6. Sending good thoughts your way!
    Shannon recently posted..Kennedys 1st Birthday

  7. Just want to echo the love and support! And also: my kindergarten teacher wanted to keep me back a year because she couldn’t understand what I was saying and thought that meant I was stupid. I was lucky to have an involved mother who questioned this. And Nathan (and TJ) have that same kind of wonderful mother.
    LeAnne recently posted..The Facebook Monopoly

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