Heading Down to Georgia for Coca-Cola

On January 1st, 2011 I weighed 187 pounds. This was the highest number I have ever seen on a scale without being in my third trimester. I attributed this high number to three “b’s”: buffets and my addiction to buttery crab legs, baby weight and heaviness involved with creating another human being and my distorted belief that the weight would magically melt off my body if I wished hard enough, whispering at my pant zippers to please, please zip up.

I was pretty miserable and it stemmed throughout my personal and professional life. I snapped at my husband and slogged through work days. I decided then to make some drastic changes. I joined an online weight loss group. I switched out fried chicken for tilapia fillets. Every week I stepped on a scale and took a photo and chronicled the change.

And it worked. I stopped going to buffets, the baby weight disappeared and I finally believed that I was worthy of a better life. I was able to fit into smaller dresses. I was more awake during the day, less screechy toward my loved ones at night.

A huge part of what powered me through such a reprogramming of the way I led my life was that I blogged about it. I made myself accountable for my own happiness. I said to the world that there were some changes going to be made and chronicled the bright spots and brambles with my transformation and eventual 30-pound weight loss. I was lifted up by all the positivity and support I received from people who had either just started reading my blog as I said, “No more buffets!” or had known me back when I was just a newlywed.

Blogging about my struggles and success with weight loss and other highly-charged events like buying a house or having a baby or finding a dress that didn’t resemble a full-sized bedsheet keeps me going. I love being able to share these moments of positivity in my life and know that I am always welcomed with the kind of warmth and kindness that empowers me to hit “publish.”

Speaking of awesomeness, I’m going to be flying to Atlanta this weekend to attend a blogger conference called “Conversations with Coca-Cola.” I am beyond excited for the opportunity to experience some sunshine, imbibe many glasses of diet coke, and mingle with other mombloggers and find out if people call it soft drink, pop or soda. (BTW: I call it a “soft drink.”)

I’ll also be meeting with top Coca-Cola leadership. Do you have any questions I could pass onto these industry titans? I’m giddy, nervous, and giddy again to be able to participate, so if you have any questions about leadership, marketing, blogging, or what Coca-Cola tastes like in other parts of the world, let me know.

Disclosure: This is a paid post by BlogHer. Coca-Cola is paying for my travel, lodging, and activities while in Atlanta.

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  1. 1. It’s obviously SODA.

    2. Great job on the weight loss 🙂 It’s hard to make real changes in your life, even if you know you’ll be better off for them. It’s also (I think) hard to to share the parts of yourself that you don’t want to face. So look at you, being all courageous!
    Leslie recently posted..Music Outside

  2. That people still call is “pop” makes me want to ship them off to live on the set of Pleasantville. Sheesh! And you look FANTASTIC! You’ve inspired me!

  3. For the record, I picked Coke during the 80s Pepsi Challenge. Coke is all I drink. How do I get this COOL GIG?!
    And congrats on the weight loss…I’m working on this myself right now and it’s SO hard.
    Glam-O-Mommy recently posted..Every Day Is Mothers Day to Me

  4. starchy says:

    Hi Mona- Long time reader, first time commenter. first off- way to go on the weight loss!!! so hard to do, but you make it seem so easy. my ? for the coke people – why does the diet coke from the bottle pack such a wicked caffeine punch and the fountain version (mcd’s, convenience stores) deliver a slower dose? (ps i’m in the northeast corridor… lots of people tell me it’s the “nasty philadelphia water (or ‘wooder’ in philly-speak) WHICH I DON’T SPEAK.))

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