dining with the ladies

On Sunday night, I had dinner with Maggie, Carrie and Liz at a restaurant called Tidbit on Capitol Hill where we ate off small plates and I made inappropriate ummmmmm’s and “down in my belly, here you go!” as I spooned chocolate gelato into my mouth. I need to do this more often–wearing a dress and eating in a nice place where I don’t have to spend five dollars in quarters so a little human can win a cheap plastic toy out of a clearly rigged claw machine game.

We laughed and drank and talked about our kids and husbands and why I am irresistible to AARP cardholders. You cannot resist this fineness, Medicare supplement subscribers!

This is the photo I took when I realized that it would be better to turn it horizontally for a wider shot. Well done, Mona.

This is after I had figured it out. I don’t know what I have my hand on my chest like I’m going to bow to the Queen. But these ladies were so classy, who wouldn’t want to bow to some sweet looking royalty?

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  1. Oh! The hotness hurts my eyes!

  2. Wish I could have been there too! Love those gals and I’m gonna miss them at the Blathering. But not YOU! I’m gonna see YOU THERE!! WOOO!
    Manda recently posted..inside dog asks: chalkboard wall wisdom

  3. You gals look like you’re in high school! Like you’re about to go to a pep rally or something.
    Deece recently posted..I am not ashamed

  4. Mona,
    Your sense of humor (sarcasim) is so not funny!
    Simply put, your just mean-spirited and crabby!
    AARP subscriber

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