father’s day


We celebrated Father’s Day at the Old Country Buffet, my husband’s favorite buffet. It was more like Old Country Bus Depot because it was so crowded. And much like the Seattle bus system, I sometimes had to look away from weird food combinations around me. Mike suggested going here and since it’s the one day of the year we celebrate him, I acquiesced.

Some sweet things happened at OCB though. The table across from us was celebrating Father’s Day, too and this family gave the father and grandfather extra large candy bars. The moment TJ saw this manna from Heaven, he could not look away. The men at the table were very kind and said a lot of coochiecoo phrases until the father mentioned, “He’s really looking over here!”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Because you have chocolate!”

They all laughed and remarked that TJ had great observations but they didn’t share any candy so negative points for you them!

Earlier in the day, we gave Mike some cards and a Dad trophy. He set it atop the table and within seconds it toppled onto the carpet, one award in two pieces.

And this is why we can’t have nice things even if it’s made in china in some factory where hard workers shake their heads at silly americans who need praise for everything.


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  1. I haven’t stopped by in awhile, the darn baby is getting big and cuter every day.
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