Getting pretty at Aveda Summer Solutions

Yesterday morning, I picked up Drew and we went to Aveda at the University Village for the Summer Solutions Meet-up. This was perfect for a busy mom like me who has rough hands and is afraid to shake people’s hands because of this–because of the fear on their faces when they become confused when they look at a seemingly normal woman yet it’s like they’re shaking hands with a dragon.

There was coffee and fun bloggers and beauty stations. At the first station I tried, this lovely woman sprayed my locks and gave my hair some volume:

I wish she left it that way. The 90s aquanet high bangs are coming back. I miss that simpler time when my biggest goal of the day was to finish my episode of Garfield and Friends. Now it’s all about paying bills and hiding from the voices that call me Mom.

I was also treated to some lip treatment and bronzing. When the makeup artist asked me what kind of lipstick color I was looking for, it took all my strength not to shout: “JUST THE SKANKIEST COLOR YOU HAVE, PLEASE!” Instead, I said, “Toddlers and Tiaras,” which she translated into the bright pink color above.

The beautiful hostesses Jenny on the Spot (whom I first met at Volvo) and Jyl Johnson Pattee, who is tall! And super beautiful!

Here Jenny, Giyen and I give our best ladyposes.

Giyen enjoyed my best sexyface. I mean, what man could resist such a lustful look? Such a siren! So seductive! Men are powerless!

Look at Drew and me all fresh and clean. After the event, we rolled out of there with a swag bag. I dropped her home and later fought with my husband who tried to convince me to going to the pool would be a good fun family activity. And really, what was he thinking? WASH ALL THIS OFF?!? I wanted to dip my face into some shellac and immortalize this look so I could remember what it was like to be pretty for one day.

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  1. You are just gorgeous, lady. Even without the Aveda! (AND WHY WAS I NOT THERE?!?!?)
    Maggie recently posted..Early risers

  2. Ha! Love this, Mona!!! You are adorable of all of the adorables!!!


  1. […] My friend Mona was there, she seemed to have a great time too! You can check out the fun she had here! […]

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