In which I ask: is this something old people like?

I’m back on the diet kick, mainly because the weather is heating up or it will once Seattle stops raining and I can’t hide my massive hull of a body under my normal winter layers of spanx/sweater/coat/three-man tent.

What is it about summer that completely confuses my body? I know I grew up on a beautiful but hot and humid tropical island but I was young and could wear shorts (rolled up!) and t-shirts because I didn’t have a job. I didn’t have to look presentable to anyone else but my Internet boyfriends in the GothicBabes chatroom. (How youuu doing, Lord Straxus? Is there enough room for me in the depths of despair?)

I have to dress in an appropriate way and I know I’ll be more comfortable at a smaller size that doesn’t cause chub rub because my thunder thighs are fighting each other every time I take a step.

One more-healthy-than-fried-bacon-donuts meal that I have really fallen in love with is a salad with a fried egg on top: chopped spinach or romaine lettuce, Roma tomato slices, a light drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice and then an egg cooked sunnyside up on top. I love it. It’s always filling and I never have the big belly bloat.

I feel like this culinary development and even its discussion here warrants this question: is this what old people like? I don’t see any hip youngsters at the early bird special asking for poached egg salads with the dressing on the side. They’re at the sports bar inhaling a bucket of saucy buffalo wings and washing it down with beers and strawberry Nesquick. They talk about finals and internships they have lined up for the summer. They are sunkissed and carefree. Maybe there will be one member of the group who is slurping the sauce from her fingers because she has the metabolism to do so. She doesn’t care about how many calories are on her fingertips, she enjoys the sweet and spicy and doesn’t care who sees. Years from now, she will have this memory filed away in her brain. She will be wiping butts and making bottles, thinking about when she was young and the world was so simple she had it licked.

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  1. I see these kids at the bars all day in my neighborhood…and I just groan. I’m here counting how many calories are in 5 oz of Sauvignon Blanc and they are drinking and eating for hours. Jealous.

    This is the first summer where I’m not completely hating my body & okay with showing some skin. It’s so liberating and amazing so far…also weird. I’m lucky in that I work in a casual, air-conditioned office, which means i get to wear my year-round uniform of jeans + shirt + flats…I worry more for the weekends.
    chelsea recently posted..Seattle RnR &amp Biking

  2. I just look at them and then look at my salad with deep longing as I field the complications of also trying to feed two small humans who want nothing more than to sit on my lap and steal food from Daddy’s plate.

    Incidentally, this post makes me want a salad with a fried egg on top. I’m guilty of the pasta with fried egg on top. So delicious…so not diet friendly.
    Kait recently posted..I want to remember

  3. One of my favorite things to have in the morning, as in I have it every single morning, even if I’m going for waffles after,(Who am I kidding, I still have 20+ pounds to lose, there will be no waffles.) is a green smoothie. Baby spinach leaves–a handful, chia seeds, protein powder–chocolate!, fiber powder, vitamineral greens–it’s this green powder stuff that tastes awful but holy crap my skin has never been clearer, vitamin C powder, a handful of blueberries, 3 or more big strawberries, water or coconut water, and blend it up with some honey and it tastes like fruit and it’s crazy filling and healthy.

    It’s close enough to my crazy diet that I do it. But it’s kind of awesome tasting.

    Anyway, I forgot where I was going with this because I got so wrapped up in my smoothie.

    I’m only 23 and I’ve totally lost my fast metabolism. I’m hoping with enough jumping rope (my new thing) it will come back. Please?
    Sarah recently posted..Aquarium- Phone Edition!

  4. Oh except I’m 24 now because I had a birthday. Birthday FAIL!
    Sarah recently posted..Aquarium- Phone Edition!

  5. I just cried. At my desk.

    Sarah – I’m 25 and still all metabolism-y. I cheat though; it’s mostly the ADD and the insomnia (yay for productivity, boo for genuine exhaustion).

    But that’s not why I cried. I cried because I feel like I never got there. I never got to be the sunkissed post-teen, careless sweetheart. It sounds so… idyllic.

    I’d give up the figure if I could trade it for a little self-acceptance.
    Jaime at Debutante Media recently posted..Denim Poll- What do you wear with Denim Leggings

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