oh Mondays

I’m really missing Atlanta today: the heat, the access to awesome women and unlimited diet coke. I need to get out of the city more often and know what it’s like to have a real summer where 70 degree weather doesn’t make the news.

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  1. You look very cute!

    I think the heat is probably fun for a few days, but I couldn’t take several months of it.
    -R- recently posted..July Fifth

  2. Whew whewwooo! That’s me attempting to whistle. Looking good Mona! I would like to hang out with you with an unlimited supply of diet cherry coke. We wouldn’t talk about work, only about our Saipanese mothers and our sons’ visions of monkeys. What was that? That’s just Jacob? I swear, I don’t always get him, but he’s freaking cute.

  3. Rebecca says:

    You do pants like I do toast-well done! We need to go shopping sometime.
    Rebecca recently posted..Happiness is Open Access to Knowledge

  4. You look so good! Can’t belief this transformation happened right before my eyes!

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