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Julie Klausner’s podcast, “How Was Your Week?”
Drew introduced me to the brilliance that is Julie Klausner, author of “I Don’t Care About Your Band.” Every week, I listen to her podcast and think, how can I make myself more awesome that she would be my friend. That’s not weird, because you’re friend already, right? I’m a pretty cool person. RIGHT!?! *realizes the truth* *runs away weeping*

This Michael Kors bag.
I bought this for $20 at my favorite thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. It’s a place for hip college students and women in their late 20s who want to hold onto a special time in their lives when they could take a shower without a quickly-undressing five-year-old busting in saying, “LOOKS LIKE THERE’S ROOM IN HERE MOMMY!”

This Narciso Rodriguez dress.
I bought this for eight bucks at another thrift store and found another version sold for $625 on sale. I only recognized the name because Claire Danes said it once on the red carpet and why do I remember that bit of random information and not important things like when Father’s Day is (not tomorrow! *whew*)? It’s beautiful blue cotton fabric with a nice pleating in the front. I feel kind of Mad Men in it, though I would be the old secretary who died on the job, not ANY of the ladies Don Draper wants to have fun times with. I want to have fun times! The only kind of times I have are ones with this sweet boy who sees his father and mother taking pictures and yells, “TAKE A PICTURE OF ME!”

He’s finally laughing again after being sick for so long and it’s nice when someone I GAVE BIRTH TO is in a pleasant mood and isn’t throwing up on me or looking at me like, “And you are…?” Plus, he really loves watching videos of himself and I’m not sure where he gets this kind of narcissism from. Certainly not from me, though I’ll think about it later when I’m whispering daily affirmations to myself in the mirror.

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  1. MONA. I needed this laugh. Thank you for making my morning!! So glad TJ is feeling better. šŸ™‚

  2. Glad TJ is feeling better! And I will have to check out that podcast. Also: the dress and purse? SO awesome!
    Sarah recently posted..Week in Pictures 2

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