webby things

1. Hey, I created a facebook page. So far only 2 people have liked it and somehow I think I am those 2 people. Could you be the third, sweet internet friend? Have I told you how awesome you look today?

2. Speaking of web things: My twitter, main facebook page, and I’m “kiridakirida” on words with friends. I’m awful at that game so if you need a little boost, please beat me there.

2. Also, my $100 Babies R Us Giftcard Giveaway is still going on, ending on the 16th. Don’t be late for those kind of things because I always am. I look up to you. Be a good example for me, friend.

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  1. Yay WWF! My username there is Madrona. I have played about 10 games with my SIL and so far she has beaten me every time. It’s embarassing. I think I’m so great making SHOVEL out of HOVEL and I’m 50 points ahead and then she plays JET on a double word and I get AOOEIIA. wtf.

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