what has made me laugh lately

I just finished Bossypants which I loved right away. It’s a very witty and funny book and I identified with much of what Tina shared. Feet that resemble your father’s? YES. My feet are wide and flat and will never see the internet. I have to pay the Vietnamese woman who silently performs my pedicure two tips: one for a job well done and another that goes into the trust I set up to pay for the therapy she has to get after dealing with my manfeet. Dark fur on your legs that you want to shave the minute you become a preteen? YES. Only my mom didn’t want me to shave, I don’t know why. Maybe she wanted me to become a stronger woman having to suffer the harassment of my hairless classmates. Well little did she know that I just crabwalked everywhere I went so no one would be focusing on my werewolf legs!

Here are some other funny things I’ve seen:

Max Silvestri is a comedian whom you’ve probably seen on VH1 and Gabe Delahaye writes so incredibly well for Videogum, sometimes his reviews make me want to cut off my own hands because I’ll never be able to write anything that funny. Here’s one video they put together for Details magazine:

Gabe & Max’s 100 Seconds #9: April Fools Day Edition from Gabe & Max on Vimeo.

Max joined up with Rich Juzwiak to review one of my favorite places RED LOBSTER. Haters gonna hate, but I’ll laugh along with them anyway.

2 Man Chain Gang #1 – Red Lobster from Eater NY on Vimeo.

Community is one of my favorite shows and Troy and Abed’s relationship is one of my favorite in the history of television, highlighted in this clip which I SCREAMCRIEDLAUGHED after seeing:

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  1. I loved Bossypants. My favorite was when she chose to get on the lifeboats during the cruise and left her husband behind. šŸ™‚

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