a day at great wolf lodge

We decided to gift our two kids to a day at Great Wolf Lodge, a waterpark resort about an hour and a half south of Seattle. We have been here twice before and this time we decided to bite the bullet, enter an online discount code and treat ourselves to a mini-vacation because this has been a long half a year. My oldest turned five, finished preschool and now is attending night classes for law school. My baby turned one, started his workstudy program in the chemistry lab but he just throws all the beakers and flasks on the ground because he’s just a toddler and depends on me to change his diaper. So needy these kids!

The trouble with vacations is that TJ doesn’t understand the concept so of course he’s awake at 6:30, needing food and attention and to stand at my leg with the face in the picture above. This is a face I see a lot. One that finds me wherever I am and begs and whimpers to be lifted up, like he’s tired of everything at the ground level and needs to see what life is like 4 feet from the ground or whatever at height my meaty hip is. I knew Mike and Nathan wanted to sleep in, so we waddled over to the Starbucks and found another mother getting a latte before 7 am. She had her adorable baby in a stroller and TJ and the baby babbled at each other while we exchanged the requisite kid info: their names, ages, how they were handling being away from home.

As she was leaving, I said, “And my name’s Mona by the way!” like I was in some after-school special and this was the part where and she said her name and added, “I have to remember that I’m not just my son’s mom!” And then I wanted to hug her and we would make signs with feathers and paisley cutouts and big glittery letters that read: “UNION.” Because we have to remember that we are people, too, not enormous hips for kids to perch from or boobs for them to stretch until I can breastfeed from another room.

TJ was also very cute on the second day because he was so exhausted from the swimming and slides and wave pool dipping that he fell asleep in my arms. So I sat on a chair with my little boy in a bright red life-jacket asleep while everyone splashed around him. A lot of people walked by, noticed that he was sleeping and gave him sympathetic awww’s. But the biggest offerings of kindness came from the large men with tattoos, like this huge guy with a serpent across his stomach that said in a deep voice, “Looks like he’s knocked out.”

It was a nice escape for a day and one that we’ll surely repeat next year. How was your holiday weekend?

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  1. Great pictures – sounds like a fun time (well, except for the 6:30 am wake up 🙂 I went to a bbq where we were treated to the neighbor’s professional-looking amateur fireworks and less-professional sounding rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” 🙂
    LeAnne recently posted..North Seattle vs. North Seattle

  2. Love the pictures. So glad you guys had a fun weekend!

    I just worked, clearly I need to get better at this “weekend off” thing.
    Sarah recently posted..I’ll leave you with this and know it’ll all work out.

  3. How fun! We’ve stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. The kids had a blast.
    Asianmommy recently posted..Movie Review: Cars 2


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