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I had dinner and drinks Drew’s house last night, talking about lady business and plotting for the BlogHer conference next month.

I’m very excited to be attending the biggest conference for bloggers especially since I credit BlogHer for strengthening much of my blogging life and network. If BlogHer were a living, breathing person, I would hug her and remark that she looks good in that print dress and I would yell, “GURRRL! YOU DO YOU!” And she would go, “What?” And I would say, “GURRL! You do you?” And then I would yell that something was on fire and run away.

This year, I am hosting a room called “Birds of a Feather: Humor Bloggers.” There are other BoF rooms being held during the conference, mine is on the last day. They’re described as “small, informal gatherings where you can meet others in your niche, network with new tribe members, build relationships with others who share your passions, and find new-to-you bloggers to read.”

If you like funny women, funny blogs, or just want to meet people, like me, who are AWESOME, you should stop on by! There’s a group on BlogHer already if you want to introduce yourself in the meantime. And if you do attend, I won’t be alone in that hotel ballroom, weeping while bloggers pass by and tweet, “I thought this was supposed to be funny ha-ha?!”

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  1. if i weren’t going to be crushed with work at the registration desk I’d totally be in your birds of a feather session. i’m probably not funny but i try to be sometimes.
    Carrie recently posted..Just a Whisper

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