Blogher debrief: part 1.


This year I attended BlogHer for the first time. Every year I miss the conference because I’m either having a baby or my family from Saipan is in town. And every year I remove myself from the internet because I cannot handle reading how much fun everyone is having and how I am not there. But back in December when the conference tickets were being discounted, I bought them and convinced my friend Drew to attend with me.

This conference was huge. There were 3,500 other men and women who said yes to the biggest blogging conference. There were swarms of bloggers and businesses and reporters summing up blogging in the most non-answer way: “Bloggers write about a variety of things.” Thanks Consumer Bob reporting San Diego news. You really got the scoop.


I was worried about the perennial lady topic: what to wear. I packed a few dresses and matching jewelry. But! I was the idiot who ONLY PACKED HEELS. My idea was that these were my “comfortable” heels and that I could handle HOURS at a time in them. I was not prepared for any walking and there was so. much. walking. The conference was held in the same enormous, airport sized convention center that also hosts the San Diego ComiCon and it felt like I was trying to walk from Hoboken to Hong Kong whenever we left our hotel room. It affected how I stood and of course the level of freakydeek I was able to achieve on the dancefloor. Not very freaky, friends, though I gave it the old college try, reached into my quiver of hip moves that gave me some not nice names in Catholic school.

It wasn’t until I picked up a free pair of flip-flops from Quaker Oats that I had any kind of relief. So if you are attending next year, be ye not so idiotic. Bring flat shoes.


There was an expo hall that was open during the day. It was packed with vendors passing free wares and there was so. much. stuff. given out in reusable bags. And Drew and I met the Sun from the Jimmy Dean sausage commercials! I didn’t know how to pose with him like I was Icarus and this was the real sun and so here I am, seventeen feet away from a celebrity whereas Drew went right in, showed no fear. And that’s one of the many many reasons why I love her.

I’m still processing what these past few days have been, the awesome things I saw and people I finally mustered up the courage to tap on the shoulder and say, “Hi! I’m Mona and I love your blog.”


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  1. So great to see you live in person and so masterfully commanding a room of humor writers, which is sort of like herding cats.
    Suebob recently posted..Ice in Her Veins

  2. How fun! Sorry I missed it.
    Asianmommy recently posted..Owl Tees

  3. Hey! I’ve worked with that actor (Haynes Brooke) and he’s incredibly nice. He’s worked in the Seattle area, so you could have chatted him up about. . . I dunno. Giant slugs?

  4. Ah maybe next year. I’m pretty new to blogging and didn’t even realize that bloggers get together for sleep away camp.
    Mrs. Tuna recently posted..Vino Slut

  5. I really liked reading this. It’s so hard to get an idea of WHAT IT’S LIKE from a lot of posts, but this one had a combination that gave me a feeling for it.
    Swistle recently posted..So, We Have Reached the Futile Purse-Rummaging Stage of Life

  6. you handled them heels well! it was great meeting you and hanging out! you + drew look so adorable in that picture!

  7. I just loved that I was so so so scared that I would NEVER see you in the giant swarm and yet we kept running into each other. My only regret was not sitting down and getting a little drink on for a photo opp for our dear Vodka Mom…next year. xo
    Dresden recently posted..The Groove is in the Heart: A BlogHer ’11 Post (Part 3)


  1. […] one! And maybe I would actually be able to stand next to her without any awkwardness, unlike the Jimmy Dean Sausage sun who kept me at a literal arm’s length away. The party was held at the very posh W hotel and […]

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