in which I meet Jane Lynch

During my wonderful time at BlogHer, I had the privilege of attending a private party sponsored by LG and their LG Text Ed campaign The minute I read that Jane Lynch would be attending, I RSVP’d right away. She is a celebrity! A real one! And maybe I would actually be able to stand next to her without any awkwardness, unlike the Jimmy Dean Sausage sun who kept me at a literal arm’s length away. The party was held at the very posh W hotel and the bar area where we waited was filled with tanned men and women and I forgot that outside of Seattle, people actually have a shade darker than “mother of pearl.”

I hung out with Xenia, fellow Chamorro gal whom I had met earlier and clung to via twitter because I think we were the only Chamorros there. I could be wrong, but I know I was the only Chamorro giving the requisite Pacific Islander pose:

photo by Xenia,

Jane appeared after a brief but hilarious video featuring her as a crazy texter. She talked about her commitment to not texting and driving.

Jane Lynch vs. texting and driving from mona on Vimeo.

Then she walked into the crowd and people just swarmed around her visage while bright lights and cameras flanked her. I managed to squeeze my way in and then was right in front of her. She was tall and beautiful and I called upon every non-starstruck fiber of my being to blurt out, “My name is Mona and I’m from a small island called Saipan and I just want to say that you have a lot of fans there!”

“Oh really?!” She beamed. “Where is Saipan?”

“It’s in the Pacific. Near Guam!”


“KIRIDA!” I squealed. “It means ‘favorite girl’ in my native language!” Then I had to stop talking because my jaw unhinged from my mouth like the country yokel I am and because I’m not used to talking to celebrities or anyone who isn’t in front of a Western Union. She nodded kindly and her publicist remarked, “Saipan, huh?” I received an autographed photo which I sent back to Saipan, where her biggest fan–my niece Brianna–framed it.

But hey! Jane Lynch asked what was my blog name! And this means we are friends, right? And that she didn’t mind later when I had to come down from this high by stuffing my face with coconut shrimp. That’s what friends do, my new friend, Jane. They love, but they look away, especially when I get sweet and sour sauce on my shirt.

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  1. DUDE! Jane Lynch AND coconut shrimp??? That equals awesome.

    One time I met Henry Winkler and he laughed at a joke I made and high-fived me and I thought I was going to die from the coolness of it all.
    Leslie recently posted..Time

  2. How exciting!
    Asianmommy recently posted..3-D Origami Fun Folds

  3. That? Is SO awesome! On so many levels.

  4. So stinkin’ cool.
    FireMom recently posted..Late Night Bumps

  5. Mona, I understand how awesome this is. And I’m really proud of you. It won’t be long until you’re surrounded by fans and camera flashes. You are seriously talented and seriously hilarious. xoxox
    Melina recently posted..It’s Only Water

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