Nice things in my life


1. I signed up for the 11:30 wave of the Hell Run. Muddy adventures here I come! Also: what am I getting myself into?!?

2. I went into my favorite Vietnamese restaurant to pick up a tofu sandwich and I realized after placing my order that I had forgotten my wallet. The owner told me that she knew me and I could just pay the next time. She even remembered how I prefer my banh mi with no cilantro or jalapeños. I returned the next day, paid for my sandwich, ordered another one and tipped heavily for her kindness.

3. I drank and ate as I wished in San Diego with very little exercise performed (walking, bootyshaking, hobbling because of stupid heels) and I only gained two pounds.

4. I BOUGHT MY TICKET TO SAIPAN. I’ll leave in March for two weeks, just when it’s freezing and raining in Seattle and right before TJ turns 2 and costs full fare. But it only cost me $1800 and that’s just for me and TJ to fly 20+ hours each way. Oh I’m not looking forward to buying everyone on the plane free drinks so they can forgive any crying and fussiness. And that’s just what I’ll be emitting. Who knows what TJ will do over international waters. But still! I haven’t been back since 2003 and I have been through so much change in the past few years–babies, college, hot body competitions–and I cannot wait until I’m back on my home island with my feet in the sand and my family surrounding my baby boy like he’s Jake Sully and their collective singing will transform him one of those nine-foot-tall Avatar creatures.

Cannot wait.

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  1. Congrats! It is always such a relief to have plane tickets and a plan to see family 🙂
    LeAnne recently posted..Harry Potter and the Audacious Author

  2. Aw… your description of being in your “home sand” surrounded by family feels so comforting. And having that trip on the calendar will get you through the winter.

  3. How exciting! I’m not too jealous of you taking an almost-two-year-old on a long international flight though (mine’s only 16 months but I still would try to avoid it if possible – got an 8-hour flight coming up which will be bad enough) but to go home after all those years – that will be very special.
    Amanda Kendle recently posted..Weekend Wanderings: Islands we love

  4. You are too funny. The Avatar bit made me laugh out loud!

  5. Yay for buying your ticket to Saipan! I am excited for you!


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