northwest trek and what I sound like when I think I’m going to die

This weekend we drove about an hour and a half outside of Seattle to a forest attraction called Northwest Trek. We don’t hike or camp, though I would like to. But we are a family that will pay $50 to venture into the forest.

The highlight of the park was the fifty-minute tram tour that weaved us all throughout the area, giving us different views of the animals that called this place home. We were told that we might witness some mating since this was the rutting season but none of that happened. We saw baby elk and bison and sheep and deer. Here is one of the few pictures that does not feature animal butt.

No food or drinks were allowed on the tram except if you had a baby in tow. Then you could bring whatever you wanted to keep a baby happy for an hour. So I had TJ in the baby carrier and I continually shoveled cereal puffs into his mouth, shook toys at him and yelled, “LOOKLOOKLOOKLOOK!” to keep him from fussing. I thought this would be a brief preview of our upcoming trip to Saipan because it’ll be another confined space with him in my lap.

Only, it’s not going to be like that at all because the travel time just going there is 10+ hours to Japan, 4 hour layover in Tokyo, 4 hour flight to Guam, 1.5 hour layover on Guam and then a one-hour flight to Saipan. All of this WITH A CHILD ON MY LAP. There won’t be any galloping deer to point to, just the tears streaking down my face as we fly over the international date line and I’m whimpering, “Why was this a good idea?!”

Later, we toured the other areas of the park and stopped long enough for this successful mother-son portrait! See how he willingly poses with the woman who GAVE HIM LIFE? This is successful because it looks like I’m cradling him and not performing a MMA hold and mouthing the words, “LOOK INTO THE CAMERA!” Success!

On the way home, we stopped by a county fair and Mike convinced me to ride this seemingly innocent ride with Nathan, similar to this one but in a ferris wheel setup. I realized two things quickly: I am scared of heights and THIS WAS A BAD IDEA. The cage spun around and I started screeching while Nathan said nothing other than, “This is awesome!” I felt like I was in that scene in the movie Deathproof when Rose McGowan is in the car and can’t escape and dies. Not like I thought I would die, but my stomach was feeling differently and when I left the cage with Nathan, Mike said, “Um, you were the only one screaming. And everyone else on the ride was a child.”

So there you go, one of the many times in Nathan’s life when he is the adult and I am the child. Get used to it, son.

I tried to take a video of the ride (for fun! for memories!), but I was shaking so much that this is all I had:

on the grindhouse ferris wheel from mona on Vimeo.

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  1. Funny! We have a mutal friend Kerry who sent this link to me. We also went (my family, not Kerry!) to the park this weekend. And thought about stopping by the fair, but didn’t. Fun reading your experience! I have a blog but rarely ever post about my family outings, but this weeekend I did, our trip to NW Trek! šŸ™‚
    louise recently posted..Happy Weekend

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