Duh, Mom

Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten. Of course we haven’t purchased all of the school supplies. I haven’t laid out his clothes. The Seattle Public School System still has the wrong address on his bus route. I haven’t heard anything about his lunch program. I am unprepared to send this child to school all day.

I bought Nathan’s school clothing this weekend. The upside of having two boys is how simple their wardrobes are–an array of short sleeved tees for the summer, layered with longer sleeves for the colder months and Seattle’s cold front will come soon enough. I see little girls in tutus and tights and while I would love to go all toddlers and tiaras because my mother never did that for me, (Was I not Little Miss Universe Supreme worthy, Mother?!?) I love that the only struggle I have is pulling dinosaur t-shirts over my son’s massive head.

This time last year, we were in the throes of speech delays and IEPs. He’ll still have to work on that this year but I fully trust that he’s in the perfect place to address those issues.

This weekend, Nathan said, “Mommy, I want to watch a movie about weed.”

I was stunned because where would he get the idea that I have any weed-movie knowledge?! We don’t watch the show Weeds and Who had he been talking to?

I drew a slow breath and asked, “What movie about weed?”

“When you get a book, you have to weed.” He answered with a gust of “DUH MOM” under his breath. “I love weeding.”


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  1. One day a couple of weeks ago this conversation happened:
    Kathryn: Look at me, mom! I am a snof.
    Me: A Snof? What is a snof?
    Kathryn: Noooo SNOF!
    Me: Schnoff??
    Kathryn, getting frustrated: Nooooo, mom, Suh-NOF!
    Me, starting to laugh: Snof? Suhnoff? Schnoff? I am sorry honey I just don’t know what that is.
    Kathryn, in the duh-mom voice: Youuu knowww, the animal that is really slow???
    Me: Ohhhh a SLOTH!!!
    Kathryn: YES! A SNOF!

    (if you couldn’t guess, her L’s sound like N’s and her TH’s are F’s)
    (BTW it’s your turn in words with friends!)

  2. BTW – Kindergarten! Right on, Nathan!

  3. What school is Nathan going to? I ask because my mom is the lunchroom lady at a West Seattle elementary school and if he’s going to her school I can put you in touch with her so you can find out about his lunch stuff. If you need the menu you can find it here: http://district.seattleschools.org/modules/cms/pages.phtml?sessionid=2eab9963ae2c5b7bd63456e73acdd25b&sessionid=1c75dbc600bbf70b64457515aaafdfbd&pageid=209807&sessionid=794d12c42e0ce8fb606f00e299fafd25

    Get your kleenex ready. The first day of kindergarten for some reason makes moms cry. Even if you have been dropping him off for years before. There is something about Kindergarten that makes them all of the sudden seem like big kids.

    Best of luck to Nathan tomorrow on his first day of school.

  4. When you tweeted that earlier Vahid and I were cracking up at how cute Nathan is.

    Boys are so much easier to dress than girls. Whenever I work over in the kid’s department at work I am always amazing at the amount of STUFF for little girls compared to little boys. So crazy.

    Go Nathan you are going to rock Kindergarten!

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