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All this talk about me, me, me and you would think that I don’t have any children!

And spoiler alert, that is my two-fold master plan: part 1–look like I don’t have two kids and part 2–live like I don’t have two kids which includes but is not limited to: partying with my childfree friends and ignoring repeat cell phone calls from the name “HOME” and walking away from children in the grocery store who are crying and calling me “Mom” while announcing to everyone within earshot, “They think I’m their mother! How adorable!”

We are wrapping up our first month of kindergarten and it has gone by swimmingly. The home-packed lunches with the loving note ended after the first day when I paid for Nathan’s hot lunch at school and realized how much easier that was than making turkey and cheese sandwiches but keeping cheese loose enough so Nathan can eat the cheese first as he is wont to do. Now he reads the lunch schedule whenever he can and that calendar has become a mighty scroll of magical powers which is capable of pulling him out of whatever boy-tizzy with the questions: “What did you eat today?” and “Hey! What are you eating tomorrow?”

He is already in love with his teacher and talks about how nice she is. He is full of life and words and expositions on life, a far change from our speech dramas last year. He sings songs, repeats stories and will say to me, with my clean face cradled in his small boy palms, “I need to wash my hands, Mommy. They smell like butt.”


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  1. Boy speaks the truth, and I appreciate that.

    Dude, go for the school lunch. No matter how good a homepacked lunch is, according to MY memory of being a kindergartener, hot lunch always kicks butt.
    Melina recently posted..Photo Book: Early Afternoons

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