I’ll have my dressing on the side


TJ was in a great mood this weekend, which broke the streak of terrible days of his whining and shrieking. I wasn’t sure if it was teething or a growth spurt or the sinister part of a child’s brain that responds to his mother’s painful pleas of, “Just tell me what you want, kid!” But whatever troubled him subsided long enough for us to enjoy that sweet sound of his laugh, the open-mouthed chortle that reminds me why we went for number two.


Last week was Nathan’s open house. We had a chance to really talk with his teacher who shared that Nathan has to have the last word. If the class is walking in line, she will ask them to be quiet, to which Nathan bellows, “Okay!”

He also has a girl friend to whom he shows his affection by telling her he is not her friend, he does not love her. This was the first we have heard of this because all references to this little girl have been about how nice she is, how Nathan calls her his friend. According to the teacher, she has taken this unrequited love to heart, saying, “Everyone loves me! My mom loves me! My dad loves me! Why doesn’t Nathan love me!”

And of course, Nathan shakes his head and answers, “Nope. I don’t!”

We’ve talked to him about feelings and how that language could hurt someone, that you can have all kinds of friends and this girl could be a great friend. Why are boys like this, little heartbreakers who send messages that are the polar opposite of how they feel?

And why is this the face they choose when their mother asks them to smile?


And apropos of not much other than a high “Is this real life!” factor, when we were at a restaurant and it was my turn to give the waitress my order, Nathan interjected with, “And Mommy will have a salad!”

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  1. Mommy will have the salad!


    My kid will be trained to say “mommy will have the soup and salad! Followed by the pasta dish, side of french fries please, and dessert- whatever comes faster!”

    Melina recently posted..Visitor

  2. Haha! That’s so funny. Their world is so simple. Too bad real life isn’t.
    Asianmommy recently posted..Playmobil Asian Zoo

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